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Joint Announcement
NTT Communications Corporation
Infinera Japan
Ixia Communications K.K.

June 8, 2010

NTT Com, Infinera and Ixia to Provide World’s First Practical
100 Gbps Ethernet Interconnection at Interop Tokyo 2010

TOKYO, JAPAN - NTT Communications (NTT Com), Infinera Japan and Ixia Communications K.K. jointly announced today that they will provide a 100 Gbps Ethernet transmission network for practical operation, a world’s first, during the Interop Tokyo 2010 trade show at the Makuhari Messe exhibition complex near Tokyo from June 9 to 11.

The 100 Gbps Ethernet network was proven in recent interconnection field tests and now will serve as the backbone network, named ShowNet, for Internet access by exhibitors and visitors alike during Interop Tokyo 2010.

ShowNet, one of the world’s largest networks created for demonstration purposes, will showcase state-of-the-art network architecture for the interconnection of numerous types of devices and services.

The network comprises telecommunication and network infrastructure constructed and managed by NTT Com, an Infinera DTN™ scalable, large-capacity switched DWDM (dense wavelength-division multiplexing) system from Infinera, and a high-quality, customizable network tester for network systems and devices from Ixia, a leading maker of IP network testers.

ShowNet incorporates the Ethernet specification 100GBASE-LR4, which is scheduled to be standardized by mid-June after extensive testing to prove network throughput, latency and fluctuation. Interconnection of numerous devices using the 100GBASE-LR4 specification during the show will demonstrate the exciting possibilities of forthcoming next-generation on network technology.

Current Ethernet networks for Internet traffic and data communication are designed for speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Cumulative data volume carried over telecom backbones and worldwide interconnections, however, already surpasses hundreds of Gbps. A technology that bundles 10 Gbps networks is now being utilized for large-data transfers, but inherently faster transmission is required in view of growing data volume and needs for greater transmission efficiency and more enhanced network management.

Ethernet networks operating at 100 Gbps, which enables 25GB of data-the volume of a Blu-ray disk-to be transferred in two seconds at the theoretical maximum speed, are expected to lead to an explosive increase in broadband use.

Based on ShowNet’s performance and user reactions during Interop Tokyo 2010, the three companies will consider taking accelerated steps to offer 100 Gbps Ethernet solutions in the foreseeable future, possibly including NTT Com’s introduction of a 100 Gbps Ethernet communication platform for GIGA STREAM high-quality leased lines; Infinera’s introduction of 100Gbps systems based on next-generation 500Gbps photonic integrated circuits and coherent transmission and Ixia’s launch of the K2 for testing 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps devices based on the new IEEE802.3ba standard.

Attachment: Structual Image of 100Gbps Network

About NTT Communications Corporation

NTT Communications provides a broad range of global networks, management solutions and IT services to customers worldwide. The company is renowned for reliable, high-quality security, hosting, voice, data and IP services, as well as expertise in managed networks and leadership in IPv6 transit technology. NTT Communications’ extensive infrastructure includes Arcstar™ Global IP-VPN and Global e-VLAN, as well as a Tier-1 IP backbone reaching more than 150 countries in partnership with major Internet service providers, and secure data centers in Asia, North America and Europe. NTT Communications is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, one of the world’s largest telecoms with listings on the Tokyo, London and New York stock exchanges. Please visit www.ntt.com/index-e.html.

About Infinera Japan

Infinera Japan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infinera (NASDAQ:INFN) Infinera provides Digital Optical Networking systems to telecommunications carriers worldwide. Infinera’s systems are unique in their use of a breakthrough semiconductor technology: the photonic integrated circuit (PIC). Infinera’s systems and PIC technology are designed to provide customers with simpler and more flexible engineering and operations, faster time-to-service, and the ability to rapidly deliver differentiated services without reengineering their optical infrastructure. For more information, please visit http://www.infinera.com/.

About Ixia Communications K.K.

Ixia is a leading provider of converged IP performance test systems and service verification platforms for wireless and wired infrastructures and services. Ixia’s test systems are used by network and telephony equipment manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, service providers, governments and enterprises to validate the performance and reliability of complex networks, devices and applications. Ixia’s multiplay test systems address the growing need to test voice, video and data services and network capability under real-world conditions.

For more information

Chew Peng Healey
Infinera Japan
Tel. +65 97311948
e-mail: chealey@infinera.com

Kelly Maloit
Ixia Communications K.K.
Director of Public Relations
Tel.+1 818 444 2957
e-mail: kmaloit@ixiacom.com

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