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June 29, 2009

NTT Com to Offer SLA for Global IPv6 Services

TOKYO, JAPAN - NTT Communications (NTT Com) announced today that it will offer a high-standard service-level agreement (SLA) guaranteeing 100% network availability, as well as latency and packet loss levels, to customers using IPv6 services provided on NTT Com’s global Tier 1* IP backbone network beginning July 1.

If the services do not achieve the quality levels guaranteed under the SLA, NTT Com will refund all, or a pro-rated amount, of the customer’s service fee.

The maximum average time for round-trip packet communication (maximum latency) in a given month is guaranteed in each of four regions:

Region Max. latency
Japan 25 ms
U.S. 60 ms
U.S.-Europe 90 ms
Japan-U.S 130 ms

Packet loss is guaranteed to be less than 0.3% on a calendar month basis in all four regions.

SLAs will be offered for the following three existing services:

  • Option service of Transit Service, IPv6/IPv4 Dual Service (provides both IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity to Tier 1 IP backbone using only one access circuit)
  • Option service of Collocation Transit Service, IPv6/IPv4 Dual Service (provides data center customers with IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity to Tier 1 IP backbone)
  • IPv6 Native Service (provides IPv6 connectivity to Tier 1 IP backbone)

Going forward, NTT Com expects to offer SLA guarantees in other major regions of the world.

NTT Com launched the world’s first commercial IPv6 connectivity service in 2001. The company was presented the Best Technology Foresight-IPv6 award at the World Communication Awards in 2002. The company introduced native IPv6 and dual IPv6/IPv4 services on a global basis in 2004 and was recognized for Best New Service-IPv6/IPv4 Dual Service at the World Communication Awards the same year. NTT Com also has been named Best Wholesale Carrier by the Telecom Asia Awards in 2008, in part for offering the latest IPv6 technologies on its world-class global Tier-1 IP network

* Tier 1: A global broadband IP backbone that only uses peering relationships, not other ISPs, to acquire and forward traffic.

About NTT Communications Corporation

NTT Communications provides a broad range of global networks, management solutions and IT services to customers worldwide. The company is renowned for reliable, high-quality security, hosting, voice, data and IP services, as well as expertise in managed networks and leadership in IPv6 transit technology. NTT Communications’ extensive infrastructure includes Arcstar™ Global IP-VPN and Global e-VLAN, as well as a Tier-1 IP backbone reaching more than 150 countries in partnership with major Internet service providers, and secure data centers in Asia, North America and Europe. NTT Communications is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, one of the world’s largest telecoms with listings on the Tokyo, London and New York stock exchanges. Please visit www.ntt.com/index-e.html.

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