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June 16, 2009

Monitors Sought for Fragrance Communication Trials

TOKYO, JAPAN - NTT Communications (NTT Com) started today recruiting monitors to participate in free trials of two consumer services-one supervised by a astrologist Ryuji Kagami and the other by aroma therapist Kaoru Sasaki-using Fragrance Communication, an NTT Com-developed Internet-based service for sending text or audiovisual content together with formulas for creating and dispensing fragrances.

Recruiting is planned to continue until July 12 and the trials will last from about mid-July to the end of August. Each trial will have 180 monitors.

In the trials, an "i-Aroma" device connected to each participant’s PC (see attachment) will dispense fragrances according to courses designed by Kagami and Sasaki. The courses will be downloaded from the Internet and then sent to the device via USB cable.

The course designed by Kagami, which is based on an ancient astrological system, displays a message from the dominant planet at a given hour and emits a matching fragrance. The service supervised by Sasaki emits fragrances matched to the rhythm of daily life, such as waking , working and going to sleep.

NTT Com’s i-Aroma device enables individuals to enjoy premixed, professionally coordinated fragrances together with Web-based content distribution services. The device operates with dedicated software for the Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems. Six base oils loaded in the device are mixed and vaporized-without using water or flame-to create specific fragrances according to commands transmitted from the PC via USB cable.

Users can also use the i-Aroma to store favorite fragrances and then dispense them using a remote controller when the device is disconnected from the PC.

NTT Com is actively working on commercial opportunities for its Fragrance Communication service model. Services combining fragrances with Web-distributed content related to astrology, movies, music and background videos have been developed for Internet cafes, hotels, movie theaters and stores. The relaxing and refreshing effects of fragrances combined with other types of media are also being developed and tested in trials. NTT Com launched a commercial service combining digital signage and Fragrance Communication in August 2008.

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