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Specified User Information Handling Policy

Enacted on April 12th, 2024

NTT Communications Corporation

Katsushige Kojima
President & CEO
Representative Member of the Board of the Company

  1. Contents of Specified User Information to be obtained

    Specified User Information of customers who enter a contract for Internet connection services.

  2. Obtainning

    Company will properly obtain Specified User Information on the customer verbally, in writing, through electronic records, audio recording or video-taping or by other means. (In addition to Company directly obtaining Specified User Information from the customer, Company will also obtain Specified User Information indirectly from sources other than the customer.)
    Please note that Company may record telephone conversations with the customer, in order to ensure accuracy in receiving orders, opinions and requests from the customer and to enhance future services.

  3. The purposes of using Specified User Information

    Company will utilize Specified User Information within the following purposes.

    • with respect to the Company’s services, a) for confirmation of the individual’s identity, b) for billing purposes, c) for notification purposes in connection with changes of charges and service conditions, installation dates, service suspension, and contract termination, and d) for any other purpose necessary for the provisioning of the services;
    • with respect to the Company’s services, a) to conduct sales promotions, b) to offer proposals, c) to provide consultation, d) to conduct customer surveys, and e) to send promotional materials or gifts, etc. by means including the use of telephone, e-mail and postal services;
    • for the purpose of improving Company’s services and for developing new services;
    • to answer any questions or provide consultation as may be requested by the customer.
    • to analyze the acquired information such as behavior history. In addition, based on the analysis and analysis results, we provide guidance and advertisement regarding our services according to taste.
    • to provide information on various campaigns and other sales promotion measures and events of business partners and affiliated stores.
    • to display and distribute advertisements of other companies suitable for customers.
    • In addition to the purposes for using Specified User Information listed above, the Company may from time to time specify other use purposes through providing services and customer surveys. Furthermore, the Company may use Specified User Information within the above scope of use even after the telecommunications services contract or other contracts have been terminated with the customer.
    • The Company may provide Specified User Information to third parties as described in “5. (Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information)” through “9. (Distribution of advertisement and other content through advertising distribution platforms)” in the Company’s Privacy Policy.
  4. Security Control Action

    To manage Specified User Information properly and avoid unintended use, Company will protect Specified User Information provided by the customer through continuous efforts to:

    1)Basic policy
    In order to ensure the proper handling of Specified User Information, we establish basic policies regarding "compliance with relevant laws and guidelines" and "contact point for inquiries" in our internal rules.

    2)Establishment of the rule of the handling of Specified User Information
    We establish the internal rules of Specified User Information regarding the handling method of Specified User Information, the person in charge and their responsibilities.

    3)Institutional security control measures
    We appoint a person in charge of handling Specified User Information and clearly define the responsibility and authority of employees who handle Specified User Information. In addition to supervising employees, we establish a system for reporting and communicating to the person in charge when we become aware of facts or signs that violate laws and internal rules. We carry out regular self-inspections and appropriate audits regarding the handling status of Specified User Information.

    4)Human security control measures
    We provide regular education and training to employees regarding the handling of Specified User Information.

    5)Physical security control measures
    In areas where Specified User Information is handled, we manage the entry and exit of employees and take measures to prevent unauthorized persons from viewing Specified User Information. We implement restrictions on the means of taking out Specified User Information (such as prohibition of recording on external recording media in principle).

    6)Technological security control measures
    We implement access control to limit the scope of the person in charge and the Specified User Information database we handle. We introduce a mechanism to protect the information system that handles Specified User Information from unauthorized access or software from the outside.

    7)Understanding the external environment
    We implement safety management measures after understanding the system regarding the protection of Specified User Information in foreign countries where Specified User Information is stored.

  5. Outsourcing the storage and handling of Specified User Information overseas

    Service to be outsourced: Global IP Network (GIN)

    Name of the country where the storage is outsourced: United States

    Systems of the above-mentioned country that may affect the appropriate handling of Specified User Information: None

  6. Helpdesk Services

    If you wish to request complaints and comments of Specified User Information provided to us, please contact us at the following e-mail address. Company will respond to your request in a timely manner.
    (Helpdesk Services regarding Specified User Information)

  7. Leak of Specified User Information

    If a leak of Specified User Information as defined in Article 27-5 of the Telecommunications Business Act occurs on or after January 18, 2024, the Company will disclose the details of the leak for 10 years.

    Accident details: None

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