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Links to NTT Communications Official Website top page ( should be in text only. Please use the html code below. The linked page should open in another window. No other text link besides the one shown below is allowed.

There is no specified link rule for other pages than NTT Communications Official Website top page (


<a href="" target="_blank">NTT Communications</a>

Please make sure that the correct company name, NTT Communications, is used.


Link requests from the following sites will not be accepted:

  1. Any website that defames NTT Communications and its business and service or contains information that can undermine our credibility or violate our rights.
  2. Any website that violates the law, or is unethical, meaning that it contains information or is involved in actions that can be offensive to public morals and public order.
  3. Links that use frames or other methods that make it hard to clarify if the site is or is not NTT Communications.
  4. Any website that uses The NTT Communications corporate logo or its branding marks without proper permission.


Please be aware of the following prior to linking to NTT Communications Official Website:

  1. NTT Communications reserves the right to make changes to the NTT Communications Official Website and other sites and content owned by NTT Communications at any time and without prior notice and with no obligation to inform linking sites.
  2. Though NTT Communications edits and manages each site's contents meticulously, we do not guarantee the currentness, accuracy or safety of the information therein.
  3. For viewing websites that are linked from websites owned by NTT Communications or the third party websites that NTT Communications Website is linked to, please follow their rules, and required and recommended software, and settings. NTT Communications does not take responsibility for the contents of linked sites, or any damage caused by them.
  4. Being linked to the NTT Communications Official Website does not necessarily mean that the linked site and NTT Communications are in alliance or NTT Communications recommends the products on linked sites.

Important Notice

We may request to edit or remove any link depending on the contents of the sites and the link method used.

The above rules are subject to change without prior notice. As changes occur, all links are expected to follow the updated rules.

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