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CSR Report 2011

Special Feature 2: Bridging to Reduce Environmental Footprint

Feature 2: Bridging to Reduce Environmental Footprint. NTT Communications provides environmentally friendly technologies and services.

Protecting the Environment

Using the power of ICT to create a society that is friendly to the global environment, people and all other living things
In addition to creating the highest level of services across the world, the NTT Communications Group works to realize an environmentally friendly society. Our Global Environmental Charter articulates our goal of actively pursuing conservation of the global environment. With this environmental vision having reached its target year in fiscal 2010, we formulated the new “Green ICT Vision 2020,” which sets forth our environment-related objectives with an eye to 2020.

Fiscal 2020 Targets Reducing the NTT Communications Group's Own CO2 Emissions 318,000 tons-CO2 or less. Utilizing new energy-saving technologies and facilities, we will reduce CO2 emissions by 15% or more compared to the fiscal 2008 level. 
Fiscal 2020 Targets Reducing Society's CO2 Emissions 2 million tons-CO2 or more. By providing ICT services, we will contribute to the reduction of society's overall CO2 emissions by 2million tons or more.

Green ICT Vision 2020

By promoting our three “eco” initiatives of Green of ICT, Green by ICT, and Green with Team NTT, the NTT Communications Group is committed to helping enrich and streamline social activities, and to supporting the harmonious coexistence of all living things on our beautiful planet. Based on the vision these initiatives entail, we will strive to reduce the environmental impact of all our business activities, with the three aims of realizing a low-carbon society, promoting a recycling-based society and preserving biodiversity.

Green of ICT
We will mitigate the environmental impact of our ICT equipment and facilities, applying increasing technology and process innovation each time we replace them for upgrades, thereby raising their efficiency and reducing the electricity they consume.

Green by ICT
We reduce society's environmental impact through the use of ICT to improve transportation efficiency for people and goods as well as more efficient use of energy, and by moving away from resource-intensive operations to, for example, a paperless workplace.

Green with Team NTT
In addition to carrying out their business activities, each and every Group employee practices eco-friendly activities to reduce the environmental impact in their workplace, home and local community.

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Specific Examples of Activities

Contributing to Society with the Newest Telecommuting Model Green ICT Utilizing “Biz Desktop Pro”

“Biz Desktop Pro” is a service that allows users to access their workplace PC environment from their home computer simply by inserting a dedicated USB device. This works by accessing a virtual PC on the cloud via the Internet, and enables users to use internal resources from outside the company while also ensuring security.
With this dedicated USB device, users can easily create their own work environment. In addition to helping to reduce a company’s power consumption, “Biz Desktop Pro” enables a variety of working styles through remote access from any location, and also enables business continuity planning (BCP) in the event of a major natural disaster.

Contributing to Society with the Newest Telecommuting Model Green ICT Utilizing “Biz Desktop Pro”

Contributing to Society with the Latest Green ICT Technology

Tokyo No.5 Data Center

In addition to increasing data center demand, society is demanding that ICT equipment consume power more efficiently and be able to withstand natural disasters. At NTT Communications, we are focused on building world-class data centers featuring cutting-edge green ICT capabilities. In April 2011, the Tokyo No.5 Data Center was completed and entered service.
The Tokyo No.5 Data Center is housed in a high-performance earthquake-proof building that is capable of withstanding an earthquake as strong as the Great East Japan Earthquake or the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. The data center is also equipped with high-efficiency power generating equipment and an advanced air-flow management system capable of reducing energy use by up to 35%. As a result, the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is under 1.45, giving the data center one of Japan’s highest levels of environmental performance.
We also contribute to society through our comprehensive, continuous efforts to make our overseas data centers more eco-friendly.

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Voice of Sales Staff

Masayuki Tamura

Our customers appreciate being able to access their office working environment from anywhere simply by inserting a dedicated USB device, and also like the fact that they do not need to worry about security, as information leaks are protected against with SSL-VPN and by using a screen transfer method that leaves no data on the computer. No complicated settings are required, and customers also like the fact that a connection speed of 1Mbps is enough to comfortably access the system, and that it allows them to significantly reform the working styles of employees.

Masayuki Tamura
Application Services
Applications and Content

Hiroshi Seo

On the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake, construction workers working on a high floor of the building felt some light shaking. When they looked outside they saw other buildings shaking violently. Customers feel safe knowing that the earthquake-resistant design of the building and equipment will offer strong support for their business continuity planning. They also appreciate the fact that it is an energy-efficient, green data center equipped with solar panels, LED lighting and other eco-friendly features.

Hiroshi Seo
Data Centers
Cloud Services

Energy-Saving with ICT Services

Using ICT services is an effective way for companies to save energy. Cloud services utilizing virtualization technology and moving servers to data centers allow companies to reduce power consumption as well as continue business operations in the event of a natural disaster or sudden power outage.
Furthermore, creating a remote access-based work environment also helps reduce office power consumption by facilitating telecommuting and changing how people work in other ways.


Dedicated USB Device

A USB memory stick that contains the functions required to use “Biz Desktop Pro.” Inserting this dedicated USB memory stick into a PC allows users to access “Biz Desktop Pro” from anywhere.


Encrypted communications technology used to ensure security when communicating via an Internet web browser. SSL-VPN stands for Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network.


Short for Power Usage Effectiveness, PUE indicates a data center’s energy efficiency. PUE is found by dividing the data center’s overall power consumption (power consumption of ICT equipment + power consumption of air conditioning/lighting, etc.) by the power consumption of ICT equipment. The closer to 1.0 the value is, the higher the energy efficiency.