September 4, 2006

NTT Com to Enhance TOKYO FM’s Music Program with Scents

TOKYO, JAPAN --- NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) announced today that starting October 2, listeners of the Tapestry radio program of TOKYO FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (TOKYO FM) can enhance the music with fragrances from NTT Com’s scent-emitting device.

The Tapestry website,, will post fragrance “recipes” of aromatic oils that match the mood of the music. Listeners download the recipes to NTT Com’s device, which connects to the PC and holds six types of oil, to enjoy the scents while the program airs.

Ten of the scent-producing devices will be presented to program listeners on the first day of the service, and one per month thereafter. The devices can also be purchased through for 49,900 yen including tax.

Tapestry is aired every weekday from 8:30 to 10:55 a.m.

With the new service, TOKYO FM aims to expand the possibilities of radio programs by enhancing them with fragrances, while NTT Com hopes to upgrade the Internet’s sensory impact. In April, NTT Com used its scent-emitting devices at selected theaters in Japan during screenings of The New World, featuring Colin Farrell. Please see the press release,

In the future, both companies would like to see the scent-emitting devices used at concerts and music stores.

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