Press Release
November 21, 2005

NTT Com to Launch OCN IPv6 Service for Individual Users

TOKYO, JAPAN – NTT Communications (NTT Com) announced today that the company would rollout Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) targeting general subscribers under its flagship brand OCN Internet service. The upgrade will enable its 5 million subscribers to take advantage of the more secure IPv6 technology to remotely access and control electric appliances connected to their home network. The service is scheduled to start at the beginning of December.

While remote control of home appliances is possible with the current Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), users must re-configure Network Address Translation (NAT) settings on their routers. No such re-configuration is necessary with the new OCN IPv6 service.

The service also enables real-time video streaming using an IPv6-compatible camera connected to home networks, and allows secure access to home computer files from remote computers using either dial-up or wireless LAN Internet connections.

The OCN IPv6 service requires Windows® XP SP2 and a free access program (downloaded from Current IPv4 networks are still available concurrently with OCN IPv6. In the near future, new Windows® OS, Windows VistaTM will have the same standard features which OCN IPv6 service uses and it will eliminate the need of such access programs.

The monthly service charge will be 300 yen (excluding tax).

The company, among the world’s first to offer IPv6 services for corporate users, is leveraging its backbone networks, hosting, and leased circuits to further expand its lineup using NTT Com’s advanced m2m-x (machine-to-machine) technology. NTT Com is also considering expanding IPv6 services to include DNS hosting and access from mobile phones.

To develop applications for business customers, the company is participating in an IPv6 feasibility study organized by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The company is also a founding member of the Ubiquitous Open Platform Forum, a standards organization that promotes IPv6-compatible home electronics. NTT Com is posting periodic updates on its IPv6 technology on the Japanese and English language website “IPv6 Style” (, which is dedicated to promoting IPv6.

OCN IPv6 will be demonstrated at the NTT Communications Forum on November 24 in Tokyo.

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About NTT Com
NTT Communications is a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Corporation (NYSE: NTT), one of the world's largest telecommunications companies. NTT Com provides high-quality, technologically advanced network management, security and solution services to consumers, corporations and governments on a global basis, with a special focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Its world-class backbone network, combined with the networks of partner companies around the world, offers access to more than 200 countries. NTT Com Group has 34 companies in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the Americas. For more information, please visit


The following OCN members are eligible for the OCN IPv6 services
- Hikari with Flets
- OCN Hikari B Flets / Flets Hikari Premium
- OCN ADSL Flets
- OCN Mobile Access
- OCN Dial Access
- Value Plan