NTT Communications Groups' IPv6 Activities

NTT Software Laboratories, currently Information Sharing Platform Laboratories, began researching IPv6 in 1996. Technological development of IPv6 networks was achieved through the construction of the world's largest IPv6 trial network, and trial operation of global networks and related VPN technology. In 1999, NTT Com, succeeding the research of the laboratory, and became Japan's first commercial provider to obtain management custodianship of official IPv6 addresses (TLA registry). In December 1999, NTT Com launched several trials aimed at commercializing IPv6.

In Japan, NTT Com's IPv6 OCN Tunneling Trial is providing IPv6 connectivity in order to verify IPv6 network operation. The trial, using IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling technology, is jointly conducted with approximately 200 customers using the corporation's OCN leased-line connection service, a domestic IPv4 service. It is also testing migration to IPv6 using an IPv6–IPv4 translator*1. NTTPC Communications, an affiliate of NTT Com, is also preparing to provide IPv6 services in Japan.

In Europe, NTT Europe is conducting trials of IPv6 connectivity using tunneling connections. Currently, the trial is being carried out jointly with about 40 users, including 11 European universities. The company is also participating in various IPv6-related conferences throughout Europe.

In the U.S., NTT MCL (Multimedia Communications Laboratories) began operating a commercial IPv6 IX service*2 within NTT America's San Jose Data center in April 2000. The company is also conducting joint trials with U.S. corporations. Verio has been researching IPv6 from 1995 and is now experimenting with IPv6 connectivity in the U.S.

In Asia, NTT Com is working with HKNet to launch IPv6 commercial services in Hong Kong sometime this year. It is also conducting a joint trial with Davnet Telecommunications to prepare for the start of services in Australia. In addition, NTT MSC is participating in the development of IPv6 applications in Malaysia.

*1 IPv6-IPv4 translator: A translator that is installed between IPv6 and IPv4 networks to enable access from IPv6 terminal to IPv4 network server.

*2 IX service: A location to exchange traffic between different ISPs.