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Steps to sign up for the service (Activation)

Follow the steps below to activate Prepaid SIM for JAPAN service.
Customers with a Prepaid SIM for VISITOR can also activate SIM cards from this page.
Click on [Sign Up] button below to start the process to activate your service.
This process requires an internet access.

※ As of July 27, 2015 (Mon), users can access the Sign Up page by simply inserting the purchased SIM into the mobile terminal and setting the APN, Authentication ID, and password. For iPhones and some other models, an Internet connection is required in order to configure the APN settings.

Sign Up

Free Wi-Fi hotspots can be found at airports, hotels, etc.
(Example) At Narita Airport:
Select an SSID [FreeWiFi-NARITA] under WiFi Settings of your device.
Click here for a list of major Free WiFi hotspots.

  • Following the instructions on the screen, enter [SIM card ID number] and [device serial number] printed on the back of the SIM card holder.

Enter the account holder information.
[Name] and [Date of birth] need to be exactly the same as listed in the passport.
Enter an e-mail address which is accessible during your stay. We will send you important information such as service period, etc. once this process is complete.

Please read the Terms and Conditions, and if you agree, then check the "I have read and agree to the Prepaid SIM for JAPAN Terms and Conditions" box.

Once the process is complete, your Customer Number and APN Setting Information will be displayed. Please make a note of them just in case.
The information will be sent to an email address you registered at Step 3.

  • Sign Up

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

  • This app lets you connect quickly and smoothly to both the Wi-Fi you are now using and Wi-Fi networks at airports, rail stations, and municipalities all over Japan. Open in a new window

Major Free WiFi Hotspots

name description ssid
7SPOT In-store free WiFi service available in Seven & i Group stores.
Note: Service may not be available in all stores or on all floors.
Narita International Airport Free WiFi available in the Narita International Airport terminals.
Provided by Narita International Airport Corporation
Haneda Airport (International) Free WiFi available in the Haneda Airport international terminals.
Provided by Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation
Haneda Airport (Domestic) Free WiFi available in the Haneda Airport domestic terminals.
Provided by Japan Airport Terminal Co.,Ltd.
JR-EAST FREE Wi-Fi Free WiFi available in the major JR-EAST train stations.
Provided by East Japan Railway Company
JR-Central Free Wi-Fi Free WiFi available in the waiting rooms and around ticket gates of the Nozomi train stops on the Tokaido Shinkansen line.
Provided by Central Japan Railway Company
Fukuoka City Wi-Fi Free WiFi available in selected areas in Fukuoka City including airports, train stations, bus terminals and tourist destinations.
Provided by Fukuoka City
KOZA Wi-Fi Okinawa City Free WiFi available in selected areas in Okinawa City including tourist destinations.
Provided by Okinawa City
JAPAN FREE WIFI Free WiFi available in the entrance and other locations of the Mitsubishi Estate's buildings in Marunouchi, Yurakucho and Ikebukuro areas in Tokyo.
Provided by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
Osaka International Airport Free Wireless LAN Free WiFi available in 19 locations throughout the Osaka International Airport terminal.
Provided by Osaka International Airport Terminal Co., Ltd
Hills Wi-Fi Free WiFi service available in the Roppongi Hills building.
Provided by Mori Building Co., Ltd.
Naha Airport Free WiFi available around the Arrival Lounge of the Naha Airport domestic terminal. Okinawa_Free_Wi-Fi
Nissan Motor Company Free WiFi available in NISSAN GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS GALLERY.
Hiroshima FREE Wi-Fi Free WiFi available in selected areas in Hiroshima City including Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
Provided by Hiroshima City
Osaka Free Wi-Fi Free WiFi available in selected areas in Osaka including train stations and tourist destinations.
Provided by Osaka Tourism Bureau
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Free WiFi available in Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
Provided by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Tokyo Big Sight Free WiFi available in Tokyo Big Sight.
Provided by Tokyo Big Sight
Makuhari Messe Free WiFi available in Makuhari Messe.
Provided by Makuhari Messe Inc.
Sapporo City Subway Free WiFi available in Sapporo City Subway Odori Station.
Provided by Sapporo City
Sendai Airport Free WiFi available in the Sendai Airport terminal building.
Provided by Sendai Airport Building Co.,Ltd
Ariake Saga Airport Free WiFi available in the Ariake Saga Airport terminal building.
Provided by Saga Terminal Building Co.,Ltd
Tsushima City Free WiFi available in some parts of Tsusima City.
Provided by Tsusima City
LAWSON Free Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi service available in Lawson stores.
Note: There may be some stores where Wi-Fi service is not available.

Help Desk (For "Prepaid SIM for JAPAN" users)*Domestic calls only.

Before sending inquiries, please see FAQ.
  • ◆After Purchase◆
    Technical Support

    Free Dial 0120-047-427

    Business hours: 10:00 - 18:00

    Available 7 days a week, including holidays
    (Unavailable during new year’s holidays)

    *Available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean.

Click here for a list of stores.
Before making an inquiry, please read through the FAQ page. Please be careful not to dial a wrong number.