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- For customers ordering Prepaid SIM for JAPAN -

This information is a summary of terms and conditions for Prepaid SIM for JAPAN.
The full Terms and Conditions for Prepaid SIM for JAPAN are provided at the links below.
※ The information on this page is as of March 24, 2020.
"OCN mobile ONE Prepaid SIM for VISITOR" and "Prepaid SIM for Japan" provide the same service.

Prepaid SIM for JAPAN

Prepaid SIM for JAPAN Service ("this Service") is provided subject to the IP Communications Network Services Agreement and the Prepaid SIM for JAPAN Package Terms of Use set forth by NTT Communications (collectively, "Ts&Cs").

Service Provider

NTT Communications Corporation
Registration Number (Telecommunications Business): No.235

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  • ・This service is a mobile data communications service for use in NTT DOCOMO's "Xi" and "FOMA 3G" areas. Data communications of up to 100MB per day can be used, for either 7 or 14 days.
  • ・Maximum communication speeds correspond to those of "Xi" and "FOMA".
  • ・If 100MB is exceeded, communication speeds (download and upload ) will be limited to a maximum of 200kbps for the remainder of that day, until 11:59 P.M.
  • ・This Service does not have an option for additional data or extension of service period.

Ordering This Service

  • ・Coverage is not available everywhere. Be sure to check coverage in the areas you are visiting. See Coverage Area for details.
  • ・This Service is for data only; does not offer other features such as voice calls and SMS text messages. DOCOMO's services including the sp mode and sp mode mail services are not available with this Service.
  • ・A SIM-unlocked compatible device used on this Service ("Device") must be provided by customers. Click here for a list of supported devices.
  • ・Device must support one of the following frequencies: [LTE] Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 19 (800MHz), Band 21 (1500MHz), Band 3 (1800MHz, limited to the Toumeihan area); [W-CDMA/HSPA (FOMA)] Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 19 (800MHz), AND The only devices that may be used are those that either bear the mark of technical regulations conformity certification (Technical Conformity Mark) indicating, for example, certification of conformance to the technical standard for specific radio equipment, or meet conditions allowing confirmation of their conformance to the technical standard stipulated under Japan's Radio Law (i.e. devices bearing symbols indicating certification of conformance to a technical standard, such as the USA's FCC mark and the European CE Mark).
  • ・To verify your identity, we may ask you to provide us with a government issued identification.
  • ・The SIM Package may not be returned, exchanged, or cancelled after purchase.
  • ・The SIM Card size provided by this Service is a 3 in 1 SIM (Multi Cut SIM) only. Check your device's required SIM size, then follow the lines to cut the SIM.
  • ・We do not guarantee using the cutout board as an adapter to change the size of your SIM, as doing so can cause damage.
  • ・Switching between this Service and another NTT Communications access plan is not permitted.

Using This Service

  • ・To activate this Service, online activation at the Sign Up page is required. Once you have submitted your request, the mobile data service will be activated and ready for you to access.
  • ・Only the purchaser of "SIM Package" is allowed to request activation.
  • ・This Service must be activated within 3 months of the "SIM Package" purchase date. Failure to do so may result in an activation request not being processed.
  • ・APN (Access Point Name) needs to be configured on Device manually or by other suitable means, such as installing an APN configuration profile.
  • ・SIM Card included with this Service is a rental and must be returned to us upon cancellation. Please use it with reasonable care.
  • ・Types of "SIM Card" are subject to change without notice. Click here for the latest types available.
  • ・You may not change Speed or Data on your service.
  • ・You may not cancel this Service once it is activated.
  • ・Access to the APNs for NTT Communications’s "National One Number (0570-047999)" and "OCN HOTSPOT Flat-rate/Measured-rate Plans" is not included with this Service.

About Charges

  • ・This Service is non-refundable even if service is unavailable due to weak signals within the coverage areas.
  • ・"Universal Service Charges" which apply to each "SIM card", are already included in the SIM Package price. For the latest information or details of "Universal Service Charges", please check Open in a new window(Japanese only).

About Data Speeds

  • ・Data speeds are on a best-effort basis. Customers may experience much slower speeds depending on their network environment (e.g., capabilities and features of network equipment such as computers, hubs and routers, types of Ethernet cables, or transmission system and interference with other signals within multi-unit buildings), network congestion or the time of day.
  • ・Speeds claims represent maximum speed capabilities based on technical specifications and are not guaranteed. Actual speeds vary and may be significantly slower depending on the network equipment including your device or network availability.

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  • ・This Service is not suitable for contents or activities that require a large amount of data such as video streaming.
  • ・Congestion control may be performed to avoid congested network conditions becoming persistent.
  • ・Details of bandwidth restrictions and congestion control are subject to change.
  • ・Even within a coverage area, service may not be available at locations where signal is hard to reach (e.g., indoors, basements, inside tunnels, behind buildings, between mountains, at sea). Make sure you use this Service in an area with good reception.

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  • ・We may terminate your service for any reason including, but not limited to, the following actions:
  •  ・Repeatedly violate Ts&Cs.
  •  ・Violate the obligations of contractor or other stipulations under Ts&Cs and are or may be harmful to, interfere with or negatively affect our operations or our facility.

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Expiration of Service

  • ・This Service is available for 7 or 14 days after activation.
  • ・This Service expires on the date notified by us at the beginning of this Service.

Returning Equipment

  • ・Expired "SIM card" must be returned to the following address. Customers are responsible for the return shipping costs.

Return Address:
WBG Post Office
"NTT Com SIM Card Collection Dept."

When returning your SIM card after the cancellation process, please be sure NOT to enclose any items other than the SIM card supplied by NTT Communications. If you enclose any other items, they will be disposed of. Any items that we are unable to dispose of will be sent back to you on a Cash on Delivery basis.

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Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer / Important Information on Using Service

  • ・In the event your service is completely unavailable for 24 or more consecutive hours by a cause within our control, we will add an additional day to your service period for each 24-hour affected period from the time at which we became aware of the situation (A fraction of a day is rounded down to the lower full day).
  • ・We are not responsible for any costs or expenses incurred to modify or change your equipment due to changes in Ts&Cs.
  • ・You may not suspend this Service before the end of the service period.
  • ・Unexpected data may occur depending on the equipment you use.
  • ・Terms of restrictions on using this Service are subject to change any time.
  • ・Other restrictions may apply under terms and conditions of the mobile phone carrier.
  • ・This Service will be unavailable during maintenance or network outages on our facility. Maintenance and network outage information is provided on our website. Maintenance may be performed during the daytime on a weekday.

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Suspension and Termination of Service

  • ・Under unavoidable circumstances upon performing maintenance or construction at our telecommunication facility, we may suspend or terminate this Service with prior notice (by posting on our website, etc.) or, in case of emergency, without notice.
  • ・We may suspend or terminate this Service in whole or in part, if necessary to protect our telecommunication facility including associated equipment against unauthorized access.
  • ・We may suspend or terminate your service for any reason including, but not limited to, the following actions:
  • 1.Fail to make payments for any required fees and charges when due;
  • 2.Allow third parties to use this Service without our consent;
  • 3.Violate the obligations of contractor or other stipulations under Ts&Cs and are or may be harmful to, interfere with or negatively affect our operations or our facility;
  • 4.Violate laws, regulations or guidelines by the competent government agency, or similar activities;
  • 5.Infringe copyrights or other rights of others, or use this Service in a manner that violates public morality, laws, regulations, or those listed at ※ below. Be warned that all these activities would violate the obligations of contractor under Ts&Cs.

※ Violate or infringe on other's intellectual property rights, property, privacy or publicity rights; Transmit or post any content that is defamatory, harmful, and threatening for others; Commit, induce or instigate crimes; Transmit or post any image or content that is or may be obscene, child pornography, or child abuse; Establish and solicit participation in any pyramid scheme; Modify, change or delete information or data of others; Transmit or make available any harmful content including malicious program; Send bulk unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, promotional materials or any message that is or may be harassing.

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Email Notice

  • ・We provide customers with important information regarding services (which may contain advertisements and publicities of third party affiliates), changes on pricing, constructions, etc. via Email.

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"Lost / Defective / Damaged etc., SIM Card"

  • ・We do not provide refund for this Service once activated even if your service becomes unavailable as a result of loss, defect or damage of SIM Card.
  • ・For factory defects or malfunction, we will exchange / repair SIM Card at no cost. Exchange / repair for any loss / malfunction / damage caused by customers, a ¥3,150 fee will be charged per SIM Card.
  • ・To return defected or damaged SIM Card upon exchange, use a return kit included in the package with the replacement SIM card. Please note that you are responsible for return shipping costs.

Safety Precautions for SIM Cards

  • ・Take care not to injure your hands or fingers when removing the IC part.
  • ・Please be careful of a cutting plane. Failure to do so may result in injuries.
  • ・If you plan to use a device that uses a SIM card, make sure that your device either bears the Technical Conformity Mark, or meets conditions allowing confirmation of its conformance to the technical standard stipulated under Japan's Radio Law (i.e. bears a symbol indicating certification of conformance to a technical standard, such as the USA's FCC mark and the European CE Mark).
    Using a device other than those described above will result in data loss or malfunction.
    It may also involve infringement of Japan's Radio Law.
  • ・Use of this product by children should be under parental or guardian supervision. Furthermore, make sure to check that the device is being operated properly during use. Failure to do so may result in injuries.
  • ・Do not drop the SIM card or subject to strong impact. This will result in malfunction.
  • ・Do not bend the SIM card or place heavy objects on the SIM card. This will result in malfunction.
  • ・Do not place the SIM card in heating cookers, such as microwave ovens, or in pressurized containers. This will result in melting, heat generation, smoke, fire, data loss, and malfunction.
  • ・Do not get the IC part wet. Exposing the IC part to water, pet urine or any liquid will result in malfunction.
  • ・Do not damage the IC part. This will result in malfunction.
  • ・Do not burn or heat the IC part.
  • ・Do not touch the IC part unless you are removing it or cause a short circuit. This will result in data loss or malfunction.
  • ・Do not use or leave the SIM card in hot environments such as near a fire or stove. This will result in melting, heat generation, smoke, fire, data loss, and malfunction.
  • ・Do not store in a humid or dusty location or locations that may be exposed to high temperatures. This will result in malfunction.
  • ・Store out of reach of infants and children. Failure to do so may result in accidental ingestion or injury.
  • ・Do not store in places exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures and high humidity. This will result in malfunction.

Precautions for handling SIM Cards

  • ・When removing the SIM card, please prevent from entering putting too much.
  • ・When inserting the SIM card, please be careful that the SIM card and the device may be broken if handling is mistaken.
  • ・During use, although the SIM card gets warm, it is not unusual, please use it as it is.
  • ・If the SIM card is inserted to other Card readers or Card writers for use. Doing so may damage the SIM card. We cannot take the responsibility.
  • ・Please keep the SIM card clean at all time.
  • ・Please clean the SIM Card with the soft dry cloth for care.

Export Administration Regulations

  • ・The Japanese export administration regulations (“Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act” and any associated laws and regulations) may apply to this product and any accessory items. The United States Export Administration Regulations will also apply. When customers export and re-export this product and any accessory items outside of Japan, they shall be responsible for taking any necessary procedures and incurring any expenses arising from such procedures. For details on how to export and re-export, please contact the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan or the United States Department of Commerce.

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IP Communications Network Services Agreement

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