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Web Conferencing

Arcstar Web Conferencing (*)

Arcstar Web Conferencing is a cloud-based conferencing service that works anywhere there is Internet access. It offers a rich set of file sharing and remote control features, with specific Meeting Center, Event Center, Training Center, Support Center and IM/Presence use cases.


(*)For Arcstar Web Conferencing,  service provision for new subscribers was stopped  as of April 27, 2018.  When you need new subscription of the service,
NTT Com’s another service,  “Arcstar UCaaS Cisco Type Cisco Spark (M3 type)” can provide  you with the web conferencing function ( “Meeting Center “  Type). Please refer to the following URL. Arcstar UCaaS Cisco Type Cisco Spark



Arcstar Web Conferencing Meeting Center offers real-time conferencing collaboration.

  • Maximum 25 participants (extends to 200)
  • Interactive editing of shared files and documents
  • Record meetings for later sharing

Want a combined effort on the document you are discussing with colleagues?
Arcstar Web Conferencing Meeting Center lets you simultaneously edit documents with other attendees of a conference call.

Host large events efficiently with Arcstar Web Conferencing Event Center.

  • Low-cost plans support up to 3,000 participants
  • Full range of conferencing functions, including: document sharing, questionnaires, Q and A and training sessions
  • Gather marketing data such as participant interest in the event

Need to educate remote workers and record the session for those who missed it?
Arcstar Web Conferencing Event Center lets you share information with thousands of remote attendees, and record the event for later viewing, on-demand.

Conduct immersive training remotely with Arcstar Web Conferencing Training Center.

  • Arrange participants in groups, just like in a real classroom, and host group discussions supervised by an instructor.
  • Customize online tests and question and answer sessions to administer questionnaires for in-progress events, stream video content and more.
  • Train staff in multiple branch offices simultaneously online.

Perform desktop sharing for customer support with Arcstar Web Conferencing Support Center.

  • Share and control a screen remotely. Allows for smoother condition checking and more accurate instruction.
  • For help desks: Streamline operations, with automatic call distributor (ACD). Direct customers to the most suitable support personnel based on the observed situation.

To fix a customer’s problem, sometimes you really need to be there.
Arcstar Web Conferencing Support Center lets you control a remote desktop, so you can diagnose problems as if you were sitting there with the customer.

Use Arcstar Web Conferencing IM/Presence for quick messaging and communication.

  • Use Presence to determine the best way to communicate with someone, based on his or her situation.
  • When communicating one-on-one, transfer files and share your desktop. (Not available for smart devices)
  • Ask a question in chat and then jump into a web conference with one click. (Requires Meeting Center contract)

Need to see if someone is available for a quick question?
Arcstar Web Conferencing IM/Presence lets you see if a colleague is busy and then instant message them to ask questions or arrange a call.

Meeting Center Features

Key Features

Host up to 200 participants per call.

File sharing, with interactive editing.

Record meetings for later playback.

Visual Quality

Max 1280×720

File Sharing

Edit files interactively among conference participants

Sharing functions:

  • Document sharing
  • Application sharing
  • Desktop sharing
Other Features

Meeting support (chat, voting, file transfer).

Record web conference and playback.

Simultaneous Connections

Maximum 25 participants (extends to 200).

Supported Languages

The Arcstar Web Conferencing on-screen user interface for Meeting Center supports the following languages.


Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese


Meeting Center Area of Services

Arcstar Web Conferencing Meeting Center is available in the following countries.


Service extends worldwide to locations that have internet access.

Additional Services

Web Conferencing offers services in addition to Meeting Center.

Event Center
Host up to 3,000 simultaneous connections for large scale events.
Training Center
Remote, Online training. Arrange trainees in groups and teach in an immersive environment.
Support Center
Enhance the performance and efficiency of your customer support.
Specialized presence and chat functions.

What is the difference between Arcstar Web Conferencing and Acrstar Video Conferencing?

Arcstar Web Conferencing supports Meeting Center, Event Center, Support Center, Training Center and IM/Presence, enabling conference participants to share documents, share screens, remotely control a participant’s screen, conduct highly customized online tests and questionnaires, stream video content and more.

Arcstar Video Conferencing provides high-quality, device independent video conferencing over the Internet, with support for audio-only participation from any phone.


Video Conferencing

Web Conferencing

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