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Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.

Content Delivery Network


Smart Content Delivery Advance Supports Real-time Display of Precious Metal Market Prices

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo extensively operates its business in the field of precious metals for both industrial and personal use. The precious metal page of its web site received an increasing number of connections from users and visitors in the background of the recent price hike in precious metal bullion. The site display slowed down, followed by the "F5 attack" from visitors, resulting in a significant delay in server response. This is why the company singled out "Smart Content Delivery Advance(SCD-A)" (Current Service name is "Content Delivery Network Plan1") which utilizes cache servers.

Server response slows down because of increased access stemming from the rise of precious metal market prices

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo is the head company of the Tanaka Kikinzoku Group, which conducts a broad range of operations in various business areas, particularly in the field of precious metals, since its foundation in 1885. Products for industrial use represent approximately 90% of the group's business. The group boasts of the world's largest share in the market for bonding wires, which are used in LSIs and related areas. Further, the company conducts sales of bullion and precious metal reserve funds for personal investors. Its "G&P Planner," which is a pure gold & platinum reserve fund available online, has become popular.

The company posts market prices of precious metals such as gold and platinum on its web site. Ms. Yayoi Igarashi from the Precious Metals Division of the company explains the significance of posting precious metal market prices. "As a company selling precious metals to a broad range of customers, including industrial and personal customers, we consider the provision of the precious metal market prices of the day as our mission. In addition to posting the prices on our web site, we also publish the previous day's prices in the Nikkei newspaper."

The prices of precious metal bullion have recently been increasing worldwide. Ms. Igarashi says that precious metal bullion is increasingly attracting the attention of individual investors as a part of the asset portfolio. "Unlike investments in stocks, which would be reduced to mere scrap paper if the company were bankrupt, precious metals are of great value. Mankind has desired and cherished precious metals for over 6,000 years. The charm and value of precious metals never fades. I think a wide variety of people are beginning to understand this charm and value, which is why precious metals have become so popular."

Ms. Yayoi Igarashi, Planning Sec, Precious Metals Division

Ms. Yayoi Igarashi,
Planning Sec,
Precious Metals

The market prices of precious metals started to soar in late 2007. This led to an unexpected situation. When the market price page of the company's web site was updated at around 9:30 a.m., the connections from the visitors peaked and the site display began to slow down. The price rise continued even after the turn of the year, and some visitors started reloading the page by repeatedly pressing the F5 button because of the tendency of wanting to know the latest market price as soon as possible, which made the situation even worse. As a result, even the screen used for updating by the web site administrator became inaccessible. On some days, the company remained unable to post the precious metal market prices until after 10:30 a.m. The office staff was nearly in a state of panic. Customers called in with complaints. Thus, it was imperative for the company to take urgent action in this regard.

Acquaintance with "SCD-A," which enables the user to build a solid and secure delivery environment at low cost

Amid the increase in access volume, the server management company proposed the enhancement of the server. If the server were enhanced, the confusion at the peak access time could be avoided. However, if the access volume increased again, it would be necessary to increase the number of servers. Moreover, the server management company suggested that the enhancement cost would be around 10 million yen, including miscellaneous costs. Ms. Igarashi voices her opinion then.

"At our web site, the peak access time was at around 9:30 a.m., when the information was updated, while the system smoothly operated with the existing server without any problem in other time slots. I doubted whether or not it was appropriate to increase servers with a huge cost just to cope with that moment." Ms. Igarashi adds that although the page access increased while the market prices rose, the access was stable when the market prices were quiet. In such circumstances, she got acquainted with "Smart Content Delivery Advance(SCD-A)."

"Since page access is linked to the global demand for precious metals, it is very difficult to estimate the extent to which the number of visitors will increase in the future. In such a situation, it is also difficult to predict the number of servers required to be added physically. Using 'SCD-A,' which allows us to flexibly respond to the access volume, we do not have to worry about server down. In terms of cost, we only have to bear the cost for the increment in the access. We do not need to pay any additional cost for equipment investment. SCD-A was precisely the solution we were looking for."



Ms. Igarashi says that the successful operation of "SCD-A" at the Meteorological Agency, among various other cases of SCD-A adoption, was another major factor that led her to introduce SCD-A in her company. "It was assuring to know that ?eSCD-A' has been introduced to even in state-run organizations handling highly public information, including weather forecasts and disaster information." The SCD-A has enabled the Meteorological Agency to stably deliver weather information even in case of natural disasters. Such a robust delivery platform of SCD-A reassured Ms. Igarashi about its reliability.

Pleased with the effects of SCD-A. Its flexibility will propel the company forward

Since the introduction of "SCD-A," the site display at the peak access time each morning has never slowed down. The company has not received any complaints either. Ms. Igarashi highly appreciates the effect of introducing SCD-A. "I was never concerned about the slow down after we adopted SCD-A. I have almost forgotten that I was once nervous regarding whether the prices would be updated without fail (laughs). SCD-A is a really good service."

She said that the introduction process was undertaken smoothly, and the company has been operating the updating system in the same manner as before. "During the introduction process, the people from NTT Communications worked very courteously. They enthusiastically explained various things and promptly responded to our questions."

Currently, the company applies "SCD-A" to its web site for precious metal market prices. Ms. Igarashi says that the company plans to eventually expand the application of SCD-A to other pages as well. The expansion plan includes the distribution of peak connections that will occur when the company conducts large-scale web campaigns, and the reduction of the load on the server while streaming TV commercial videos. In addition, the company plans to win customers by further enhancing and strengthening its web site and mobile site, given the estimated increase in the purchase of precious metals by consumers in their twenties and thirties in the future. "SCD-A" would be an effective tool to solve the predicted band shortage caused by the increase in the number of users. With the positive attitude of adopting and utilizing various information technologies in a smart manner, the company's existence seems to be gaining prominence.


Benefits for the customer

  • Can stably operate the site without receiving any complaint even at the peak access time.
  • Can build a powerful delivery environment in which the delivery capacity can be increased at a low cost without the need to enhance the server.
  • Can expand SCD-A adoption for future site plans, including campaigns and video delivery.

Can operate the site safely and at low costs, regardless of the change in the precious metal market prices.

Benefits for the end users

  • Can check the market price of the day in real time.
  • Can speedily access the site and acquire information for decision-making on purchase and sale of precious metals without confusion even during the peak time.

Can stably manage/establish assets on the basis of the precious metal market prices of the day.

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.
Location of the Headquarters:2-7-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6422
Representative: Akira Tanae (Representative Director, President & CEO)
Established: 1918 (initiated in 1885)
Business: Sales of Precious Metals (Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Others). Manufacture, Sales, Import and Export of various types of Industrial Precious Metals Products. Refining and Recycling of Precious Metals.

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