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Panasonic Corporation

Content Delivery Network


Smart Content Delivery Advance Globally Supports Ideas to Brighten Peoples' Lives

Panasonic has introduced "Smart Content Delivery Advance(SCD-A)" (Current Service name is "Content Delivery Network Plan1") in distributing firmware for internet appliances and on the member site "CLUB Panasonic." With internet appliances, SCD-A allowed the company to distribute firmware faster to the countries around the world; in Europe and the United States. "CLUB Panasonic," reduced the load on servers even during the special campaign when the traffic increased and it improved the environment to smoothly display the content. Such pleasant network services resulted in positive feeling among users of Panasonic appliances.

Firmware Distributionaround the World and aRapidly-growing MemberSite Increases the Server Load

With the keyword "Panasonic ideas for life," Panasonic has continuously created "ideas" that will brighten up the lives of people around the world. These ideas are also found in the services provided to customers using networks. The online distribution of appliance firmware and the member site "CLUB Panasonic" are just examples of these ideas.

With the keyword "VIERA link," Panasonic proposes a lifestyle in which various systems such as recorders, televisions, cameras, and door intercoms work together. Since these systems have been developed separately, the firmware update is essential to make them work together. Panasonic started the distribution of firmware on the network as a method to efficiently update internet appliances in households around the world. However, the internet appliances around the world accessing the servers in Japan caused the network delivery to take up to 20 minutes in some countries.

The issue was the same when many users connected simultaneously with the member site, "CLUB Panasonic." Two and a half years after its launch, the site grew to be a member site with increased hits in Japan. After registering as a user, you can enjoy various useful content the site has, such as, "My Appliance List" where you can view information on all the Panasonic products you own, and "User Review", a word-of-mouth community. However, the rapid growth of members increased the load on the servers and there was a delay in displaying some content during the special campaigns.

With a Cache Hit Ratio of 98 %, the "Smart Content Delivery Advance"Reduced the Server Load

Mr. Shinichi Nakamura Digital AVC Products Marketing Division CRM Promotion Office

Mr. Shinichi Nakamura
Digital AVC Products
Marketing Division
CRM Promotion

The problem the staff in charge had was the same for firmware delivery and?gCLUB Panasonic." If they tried to increase the number of servers to deal with peak internet traffic, it would cost too much. Mr. Shinichi Nakamura of Digital AVC Products Marketing Division that runs "CLUB Panasonic" had been considering cache service from the beginning. "Well-known point sites I know have great traffic, but those sites had been using the cache service to suppress the cost on servers and lines. Because I was aware of the effect, we introduced "Smart Content Delivery Advance(SCD-A)."

Mr. Yasuteru Hayashida AVC Networks Company

Mr. Yasuteru Hayashida
AVC Networks

With firmware delivery, they also knew that the best solution was cache service. However, Mr. Yasuteru Hayashida of AVC Networks Company (in-house company) looks back saying there were some obstacles in introducing the cache service. "Unlike PCs, internet appliances have many restrictions. Encryption of communication and the use of server certificates are examples. In firmware distribution, we have to use an in-house certificate-issuing body. "SCD-A" was the only choice that could meet our requirements."


In firmware distribution all around the world, the cache-hit ratio is currently 98%. "CLUB Panasonic" uses the optional "BA Monitoring" to constantly monitor delays in displaying content, etc. This service sends you an alert message once the response time exceeds the threshold level. Mr. Nakamura says it is because they want to check the response time as closely as possible from customers.

Attractive High-quality Lines. "SCD-A" Supports "Useful" Services to Customers

The introduction of "SCD-A" reduced the download time for firmware distribution to about a fifth in some areas. Mr. Kunio Gohara of AVC Networks Company feels that the line-quality of NTT Communications also contributed to bring about this reduction.

"After introducing the SCD-A, the delay between Japan and Europe reduced surprisingly. I felt like the bottleneck was relieved in one shot."

As for the effects of cost-reduction, Mr. Takahiro Nagai of AVC Networks Company compares the case with a case where the distribution itself did not work well.

Mr. Kunio Gohara AVC Networks Company

Mr. Kunio Gohara
AVC Networks

"If the firmware distribution does not work well, we will have to create a CD and distribute it around the world. It will not only be quite costly, but also take time for upgrading the firmware. That will spoil the opportunity for the users to enjoy the products they purchased with the appropriate performance, and at the end, it will affect the satisfaction of customers toward Panasonic products."

Panasonic will continue to utilize the Internet to provide "useful" services to customers. But what does "useful" mean? And what kind of member site will be successful? Mr. Nakamura concluded: "Carefully selecting and providing information that will help customers is the first answer. And then, we need to provide right information to the right people. For that, we have been working on variousissues such as listing ads on search engines and SEO measures."

Mr. Takahiro Nagai AVC Networks Company

Mr. Takahiro Nagai
AVC Networks

The number of people accessing the site will surely increase in future. For Panasonic to provide "useful" network services to customers, SCD-A will continue to work behind the scenes to provide stable delivery solutions. We look forward to seeing what kind of ideas Panasonic will bring to brighten our lives.


Benefits for the customer

  • Building a global distribution platform through outsourcing allowed the company to provide pleasant network services to end users around the world at appropriate cost.
  • SCD-A achieved detailed customization required in distribution to internet appliances.
  • Introduction of a delivery solution with scalability allowed the company to conduct firmware distribution and special campaigns on the member site without worrying about server load during times of peak traffic.

Network Services Could Provide High-Quality Services to End Users.

Benefits for the end users

  • Continuous updating of the functions of internet appliances allowed the end users to use the latest functions such as interaction among peripheral equipment even after the purchase.
  • Continuous updating of the functions of internet appliances allowed the end users to use the latest functions such as interaction among peripheral equipment even after the purchase

Enjoy New Value beyond Performance of the Product alone.

Panasonic Corporation
Location of the Headquarters: 1006, Oaza Kadoma, Kadoma-shi, Osaka 571-8501, Japan
Representative: Kazuhiro Tsuga (President)
Established: December, 1935
Business: A comprehensive electronics manufacturer that manufactures, sells, and provides services for everything from parts to consumer electronic devices, electrical appliances, factory automation equipment, information and communication equipment, and housing-related equipment.
URL: http://panasonic.co.jp/

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