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Virtual Private Cloud Server

(VPC Type OpenNW)

Build highly scalable and redundant virtual private cloud (VPC) environments. COMPUTE (VPC Type OpenNW) is your virtual private compute resource in the cloud. Allocate virtual servers on their own private segment with private IP addresses, accessible over the Internet by IPsec VPN, with dedicated global IP addresses.

Operating Functions
Access Control

Virtual Server Plan

Plan V1 V2 V4 V8
Memory 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB
Root Disk Linux 15GB
Windows 40GB
Number of servers connected Up to 100 servers per account
  • Changes in plan for the virtual server can only be made when the virtual server is stopped
  • 1vCPU equates to 1.6GHz CPU
  • The root disk is non-volatile, so contents will not be erased when the virtual server is stopped
  • Additional charges apply for root disk usage exceeding 40GB

Official Templates

Build custom environments from official templates for instant, flexible and scalable workspaces.

  • CentOS 6.5 64-bit
  • CentOS 7.1 64-bit
  • Ubuntu14.04 64-bit
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition

Microsoft Windows Server is provided with Datacenter Edition under the NTT Communications SPLA License.

License mobility is supported by Microsoft software assurance. See the following site for more details:

Storage capacity is available in 40GB, 100GB, 300GB, 500GB and 1TB disks. Each virtual server supports a maximum of 5 disks.

  • Maximum 500 disks, including root disks, per user
  • Freely move disks between virtual servers
  • Deleting a virtual server does not erase its allocated disks
  • Disk sizes cannot be changed

Snapshot Backup

  • You can store a maximum of 8 snapshot generations
  • Creating a snapshot after 8 generations will cause the oldest snapshot to be deleted
  • Maximum 150 snapshots per account
  • Monthly backup date settings range from 1 to 28


Create a template from a snapshot backup to duplicate a virtual server.

  • Maximum 100 templates per account
  • Template must be registered in the HTTP server (QCOW image format)
  • Templates above 100GB bytes cannot be uploaded
  • Customer licensed Windows OS is not permitted
  • Provisions of the OS license must be observed

ISO Image Upload

Create virtual servers by uploading ISO images from installation CDs.

  • ISO images must be uploaded in ISO file format via HTTP server for registration
  • ISO images must be less than 100GB
  • Customer licensed Windows OS is not permitted
  • Provisions of the OS license must be observed

Network (VPC Type OpenNW)

A maximum of 5 virtual private clouds (VPCs) can be created per account. Each VPC supports a maximum 8 subnets. Cloud<sup>n</sup> VPC servers are created on VPC subnets.

One global IP address allocated per server.

  • Global IP addresses are randomly allocated
  • IP addresses are fixed until the virtual server is deleted

Internet VPN (IPsec) connections are available.

Network connectivity is 1Gbps, shared.

A network access control list (ACL) provides firewall functionality. You are able to limit access by configuring policies for sending and receiving packets from external networks, such as the Internet.

ACL settings are made per VPC.

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