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Biz Storage File Transfer


Here, we provide answers to questions from our customers.

FAQ about service
Troubleshooting for Web
Troubleshooting for Client Software
Q01. What is the file size that can be sent at once?

It is possible to send files sized up to 100GB after compression.

However, the maximum is 2GB for the Web version. 

Q02. What kind of encryption is used?

The following encryption methods are used with Biz Storage File Transfer. 

・File encryption: A hybrid system combining a common key cryptosystem and a public key cryptosystem*

*"Camellia" (up to 256kbit), the world's highest standard of encryption technology, is used for the public key. This does not apply to the Web version. 

・Communication pathway encryption: SSL (128 bit)


The user can use the "Create key" button in the Biz Storage File Transfer software to automatically create a public key on the Biz Storage File Transfer server and a secret key on the local PC. This makes it possible to obtain the destination's public key to encrypt the file sent using Biz Storage File Transfer processing, and then use the secret key to decrypt the file once it has been received.

Therefore, as it is necessary for the pair of the public key and secret key used for the file sent to match, care is required with regard to the timing of key updates.

Q03. What is the difference with other file sharing services (storage services)?

The mechanisms could be compared to familiar systems where the file sharing service is a "file server" and Biz Storage File Transfer is "e-mail."

Both are the same in that they can be used for large file transfers, but it could be said that the file sharing service is suited for releasing the latest data over the Internet to be used in collaboration shared between several users.

Meanwhile, Biz Storage File Transfer could be considered to be suited to data transfers in the workflow because it is specialized in transfers for delivering files to a certain destination. 

Q04. We would like to use Biz Storage File Transfer for file transfers with clients, but do clients need to install Biz Storage File Transfer as well?

As a rule, Biz Storage File Transfer requires an account ID for both the sending and receiving sides.

* The account ID is like an e-mail address, and is used for authentication and as an address when using Biz Storage File Transfer. 

Q05. How long does it take from applying until the start of service?

This may vary depending on the system created. Please contact us for details. 

Q06. Is it necessary to set up a new Internet access line?

When using Biz Storage File Transfer, there are no particular restrictions on Internet access (or leased line) providers or line speed. We can support the customer's requirements including existing lines. 

Q07. Can a single Biz Storage File Transfer account be used for several PCs?

Technically, it can be used, but take note of the following problems:

(1) If one PC receives a file first, the same file cannot be received from the Biz Storage File Transfer server.

(2) As a secret key can only exist on a single PC, some PCs will be unable to decrypt files if the file sent is encrypted. 

Q01. I can't log in.

Your user account or password is not correct. Please try again or ask your system administrator.

Q02.  I can't change my password.

Case1: Error massage says "Current password input error"

Current password you input is wrong. Please retry to input a correct password. If you still have the same trouble, please contact system administrator.


Case2: Error massage says "Password Format Error"

Please input a new password which must be more than 8 characters and alphanumeric mix. 

Q03.  I can't receive the sent container.

If you can't receive the sent container, sender may fail to send. Please ask sender to check the sending status.

Q04. The sending status indicates "Container sending failed".

The container has failed in transmission. Please send the container again.

Q01. Error massage says "Network error has occurred".

Network may cause this error. Please check the following points.


(1) Whether you can see any web site.

( If you can't see any web site, network it is caused the error.)

(2) Whether proxy server info is correct in the server setting in application software ("Tool">"Account Settings") 

Q02. Error message says "Failed in server authentication".

Wrong setting may cause this authentication error. Please check the following points.


(1) Whether the server address you entered is correct in the server setting in application software.

(2) Whether both user address and password you entered are correct in the account setting in application software.

(3) Whether proxy server info is correct in the server setting in application software("Tool">"Account Settings")


If you don't know your user address and password, Please ask your system administrator them. 

Q03. Initial setting wizard which says "Do you create new user account?" starts automatically when I run the client software.

Despite initial setting has been completed it still requires, you may have logged in to a different user account on PC.

Please check your user account you have logined. 

Q04.  I can't open the received file. Error message says "Decryption error".

Your private key on your PC is in discord with your public key on server used for encryption of the container. 


(1) If you renewed your PC before receiving container.

Please renew your encryption key. Then ask sender to send again.


(2) If you did not renew your PC before receiving container.

Please ask sender to send again and try to receive.

If the same error still occurs, please renew your encryption key and ask sender to send again. 

Q05.  I can't send a container. Error message says "Unable to send a container to the following addresses".

Address you input is wrong. Please retry to input a correct address in the "To" filed. 

Q06. The client software doesn't start running.

If you get a "Format of address book file is incorrect" message, read error of loading "AddressList.csv"file occurs. Please rename or delete an "AddressList.csv" file to clear.

This file is in an user's directory in your PC. ("your user name for log in">Application Data>V-Pack>data>address)

To refresh the address list, please rename "AddressList.csv.back" file in same directory. (delete ".back") 

Q07.  I can't receive the sent container.

If you can't receive the sent container, sender may fail to send. Please ask sender to check the sending status.

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