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Chori Co., Ltd.

Video conferencing strengthens communications
and expands global business

Service : Arcstar Video Conferencing / Arcstar TV Conferencing / Arcstar Universal One

Chori Co., Ltd.
  • System instability and difficulty isolating problems across multiple vendors were affecting business communications globally
  • Video conferencing solutions from NTT Communications offer global, single-vendor support for networks, devices, and services
  • Improved stability of the video conferencing system enhanced communications throughout the company
  • NTT Communications video conferencing solution is introduced to meet system requirements of each location
Satoko Nakayama Executive Officer, HumanResources and General Affairs Department,SystemDepartment ChoriCo., Ltd.
Satoko Nakayama

Executive Officer, Human Resources and General Affairs Department, SystemDepartment
ChoriCo., Ltd.

"This system appeals to everyone in our company with its usefulness. We chose NTT Communications for its proven expertise and reliability. I look forward to having them continue to meet our expectations."

Katsuhito Aoki Department Manager, System Department Chori Co., Ltd.
Katsuhito Aoki

Department Manager, System Department
ChoriCo., Ltd.

"A lot of fine-tuning and coordination was made for our end-users. I appreciate that NTT Communications verified each one of these changes with us."


Unstable video conferencing limits communication

Chori Co., Ltd. has a 150-year history in the textile business with diversification into chemicals and machinery operations. The company has facilities worldwide, with a focus on markets in China. As a global company, effective business communication is vital, and Chori was an early adopter of video conferencing technology. However, their multi-vendor system was plagued by instability. Troubleshooting video conferencing problems with multiple vendors was difficult and restoring system processes after a failure was time-consuming.

"Our president at that time placed an emphasis on the importance of communications in our business. He was determined to introduce new reliable video conferencing despite the substantial costs." said Satoko Nakayama, Executive Officer, System Department at Chori. In addition to cost, Chori faced management challenges operating video conferencing in a variety of countries and regions with different telecommunications environments.


Global one-stop support for video conferencing

Chori turned to their ICT partner, NTT Communications, for a video conferencing solution.
NTT Communications offers a variety of video conferencing services, including Arcstar TV Conferencing, for video conferencing over dedicated networks, and Arcstar Video Conferencing, for cloud-based video conferencing over the internet.

The solution NTT Communications provided for Chori included three services:

  • Arcstar Universal One VPN connecting Chori offices in China.
  • Cloud-based Arcstar Video Conferencing for cost-effective, multi-device video conferencing over the internet, for Chori overseas locations.
  • In Japan, Arcstar TV conferencing for video conferencing between branches, using gateway servers.

"Devices and networks need to be managed together to ensure video quality,"said Katsuhito Aoki, Department Manager, System Department at Chori. "We also need coverage for locations worldwide. NTT Communications offers a complete solution including networks, devices, installation, and maintenance, with support for our offices around the globe." Ms. Nakayama added, "Post-installation service is also important. NTT Communications offered a very professional follow-up service that alleviated the burden of follow-up for our overseas offices."

Usability has been a key factor in the enthusiastic adoption of NTT Communications solutions at Chori. The video conferencing applications start quickly after installation and offer easy to understand documentation, popular screen layouts, and small details, like remote control button positions, that have helped improve employee satisfaction.

"I appreciate the effort to which NTT Communications has gone to verify each one of our requests during the implementation process," said Mr. Aoki. "Arcstar Video Conferencing works with a wide variety of internet-connected devices. This makes it a cost-effective solution at many of our locations. Some small offices overseas are strategically important and we rely on video conferencing to communicate with our staff."

Global one-stop support for video conferencing


Global collaboration leads to working-style reforms and reducing costs

The new video conferencing solution was rapidly adopted throughout the Chori global offices, with many employees making full use of the system within months of the launch.

"The NTT Communications video conferencing solution appeals to all users and has proven itself useful in our everyday business," said Ms. Nakayama. "With this solution, we hold the start-of-the-year meeting and half-yearly kick-off meeting, connecting Japanese sites and overseas sites, such as Shanghai and Dalian. We share our president's message, management policy, and award ceremony for high-performers. These real-time interactions give us a feeling of unity."

"Frequent business travelers in our sales division asked if they could connect to business partners using video conferencing," added Mr. Aoki. "NTT Communications helped coordinate the project and Chori now enjoys active communications with our partners. This has increased business efficiency and reduced travel costs."

Video conferencing has also enabled staff at Chori overseas offices to receive training and participate in interviews without the need to return to Japan. This and other benefits have contributed to working-style changes that are increasing productivity. Future plans for video conferencing include interconnection with Microsoft Skype for Business as well as expansion on dedicated overseas networks to further collaboration.

"Communication tools are an important element of our business infrastructure and we depend on fast support for troubleshooting, " noted Ms. Nakayama. "We chose NTT Communications for its proven expertise and reliability. I look forward to having them continue to meet our expectations."

*Skype for Business is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.


Arcstar Video Conferencing

High-quality visual and audio conferencing for device-independent communication.

Arcstar Universal One

Our Virtual Private Network Service provides a one-stop shop for enterprise broadband networking and VPN in over 190 countries/regions.

Chori Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Name: Chori Co., Ltd.

Business overview: The Chori Group is a trading company specializing in the textiles, chemicals and machinery businesses.

URL: http://www.chori.co.jp/english/




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