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050 plus

Compatible devices

Compatible devices

Latest information regarding important issues
The following is a list of the requirements needed for devices and operating systems to run 050 plus.
(Last updated 2016/08/10)

♦iPhone,iPod touch,iPad
·[iPhone 3GS]([6.0]to[6.1.6]) [NEW]
·[iPhone 4]([6.0]to[7.1.2]) [NEW]
·[iPhone 4S]([6.0]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPhone 5]([6.0]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPhone 5s]([7.0]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPhone 5c]([7.0]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPhone 6]([8.0]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPhone 6 Plus]([8.0]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPhone 6s]([9.0]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPhone 6s plus]([9.0]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPhone SE]([9.3]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPod touch generation4]([6.0]to[6.1.6]) [NEW]
·[iPod touch generation5]([6.0.1]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPad2]([6.0]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPad generation3]([6.0]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPad generation4]([6.0.1]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPad mini]([6.0.1]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPad mini generation2]([7.0.4]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPad mini generation3]([8.1]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPad mini generation4]([9.0]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPad Air]([7.0.3]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·[iPad Air2]([8.1]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·iPad Pro(12.9inch)([9.1]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]
·iPad Pro(9.7inch)([9.3.1]to[9.3.3]) [NEW]

·[GALAXY S SC-02B]([2.3.3][2.3.6])
·[Galaxy S II SC-02C]([2.3.3][2.3.5][2.3.6][4.0.3])
·[Xperia acro SO-02C]([2.3.3][2.3.4])
·[Xperia ray SO-03C]([2.3.3][2.3.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE SH-12C]([2.3.3])
·[AQUOS PHONE f SH-13C]([2.3.4])
·[MEDIAS WP N-06C]([2.3.3])
·[REGZA Phone T-01C](Support Ends November 20, 2015)
·[GALAXY Tab SC-01C]([2.3.3][2.3.6])
·[Xperia PLAY SO-01D]([2.3.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE slider SH-02D]([2.3.5])
·[MEDIAS PP N-01D]([2.3.5])
·[GALAXY S II LTE SC-03D]([2.3.6][4.0.4])
·[Optimus LTE L-01D]([2.3.5][4.0.4])
·[ARROWS X LTE F-05D]([2.3.5][4.0.3])
·[GALAXY NEXUS SC-04D]([4.0.1][4.0.2][4.0.4][4.1.1][4.2.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE SH-01D]([2.3.5][4.0.4])
·[F-03D Girls']([2.3.5])
·[REGZA Phone T-01D]([2.3.5][4.0.3])
·[ARROWS Kiss F-03D]([ 2.3.5])
·[LUMIX Phone P-02D]([2.3.5][4.0.4])
·[PRADA Phone L-02D]([2.3.7][4.0.4])
·[ARROWS µ F-07D]([2.3.5])
·[MEDIAS LTE N-04D]([2.3.6][4.0.4])
·[XPERIA NX SO-02D]([2.3.7][4.0.4])
·[MEDIAS ES N-05D ]([2.3.6][4.0.4])
·[Xperia acro HD SO-03D]([2.3.7][4.0.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE SH-06D]([2.3.5][4.0.4])
·[Disney Mobile on docomo F-08D]([2.3.5][4.0.3])
·[GALAXY NOTE SC-05D]([2.3.6][4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[GALAXY Tab 7.0Plus SC-02D]([3.2][4.0.4])
·[MEDIAS TAB N-06D]([2.3.6][4.0.4])
·[Disney Mobile on docomo P-05D]([2.3.5][4.0.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE st SH-07D]([4.0.4])
·[F-09D ANTEPRIMA]([4.0.3])
·[GALAXY S III SC-06D]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[GALAXY Tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D]([3.2][4.0.4])
·[Sony Tablet P]([3.2][4.0.3])
·[Sony Tablet S]([3.2][4.0.3])
·[AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-09D]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[Optimus it L-05D]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[MEDIAS X N-07D]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[ELUGA V P-06D]([4.0.4])
·[REGZA Phone T-02D]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[SH-06D NERV]([2.3.5][4.0.4])
·[ARROWS X F-10D]([4.0.3][4.2.2])
·[Optimus Vu L-06D]([4.0.4])
·[Xperia GX SO-04D]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[Xperia SX SO-05D]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[ELUGA POWER P-07D]([4.0.4])
·[ARROWS Me F-11D]([4.0.3])
·[ELUGA Live P-08D]([4.0.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE sv SH-10D]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE si SH-01E]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[Optimus G L-01E]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[MEDIAS TAB UL N-08D]([4.0.4])
·[GALAXY Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E]([4.0.4])
·[ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D]([3.2][4.0.3])
·[XPERIA AX SO-01E]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[Ascend HW-01E]([4.0.4])
·[ARROWS V F-04E]([4.0.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02E]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[MEDIAS U N-02E]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[Disney Mobile on docomo N-03E]([4.0.4])
·[GALAXY S III a SC-03E]([4.1.1][4.3])
·[GALAXY Note II SC-02E]([4.1.1][4.3])
·[ARROWS Kiss F-03E]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[Optimus LIFE L-02E]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE EX SH-04E]([4.1.2])
·[ARROWS Tab F-05E]([4.0.4])
·[ELUGA X P-02E]([4.1.2])
·[Xperia Z SO-02E]([4.1.2][4.2.2][4.4.2])
·[ARROWS X F-02E]([4.1.2])
·[MEDIAS X N-04E]([4.1.2])
·[Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E]([4.1.2])
·[Optimus G pro L-04E]([4.1.2])
·[MEDIAS W(N-05E)]([4.1.2])
·[Ascend D2 HW-03E]([4.1.2])
·[Xperia A SO-04E]([4.1.2][4.2.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-06E]([4.2.2])
·[GALAXY S4 SC-04E]([4.2.2][4.3][4.4.2][5.0.1])
·[ARROWS NX F-06E] ([4.2.2])
·[ELUGA P P-03E] ([4.2.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE si SH-07E] ([4.2.2])
·[Optimus it L-05E] ([4.2.2])
·[Disney Mobile on docomo F-07E]([4.2.2])
·[AQUOS PAD SH-08E]([4.2.2])
·[Raku-Raku SMART PHONE PREMIUM F-09E]([4.2.2])
·[G2 L-01F]([4.2.2])
·[ARROWS NX F-01F]([4.2.2][4.4.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-01F] ([4.2.2][4.4.2])
·[MEDIAS X N-06E] ([4.2.2])
·[Xperia Z1 SO-01F]([4.2.2][4.4.2])
·[ARROWS Tab F-02F] ([4.2.2][4.4.2])
·[Xperia Z1f SO-02F]([4.2.2][4.4.2])
·[Disney Mobile on docomo F-03F]([4.2.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE EX SH-02F]([4.2.2])
·[GALAXY Note 3 SC-01F]([4.3][4.4.2][5.0])
·[GALAXY J SC-02F]([4.3][4.4.2][5.0])
·[GALAXY S5 SC-04F]([4.4.2][5.0])
·[Xperia Z2 SO-03F]([4.4.2][5.0.2])
·[AQUOS ZETA SH-04F]([4.4.2])
·[ARROWS NX F-05F]([4.4.2])
·[Disney Mobile on docomo SH-05F]([4.2.2])
·[Xperia A2 SO-04F]([4.4.2])
·[AQUOS PAD SH-06F]([4.4.2])
·[Xperia Z2 Tablet SO-05F]([4.4.2][5.0.2])
·[GALAXY S5 ACTIVE SC-02G]([4.4.2][5.0])
·[Xperia Z3 SO-01G]([4.4.4][5.0.2])
·[GALAXY Note Edge SC-01G]([4.4.4][5.0.1])
·[Xperia Z3 Compact SO-02G]([4.4.4][5.0.2])
·[AQUOS ZETA SH-01G]([4.4.4])
·[ARROWS NX F-02G ]([4.4.4])
·[ARROWS Tab F-03G]([4.4.4])
·[Disney Mobile on docomo SH-02G]([4.4.4])
·[GALAXY Tab S 8.4]([4.4.4][5.0.2])
·[Galaxy S6 edge ]([5.0.2])
·[Galaxy S6 SC-05G] ([5.0.2][6.0.1])
·[AQUOS ZETA SH-03G]([5.0.2])
·[ARROWS NX F-04G] ([5.0.2])
·[Disney Mobile on docomo DM-01G]([5.0.2])
·[Xperia Z4 SO-03G]([5.0.2])
·[Xperia A4 SO-04G]([5.0.2])
·[AQUOS EVER SH-04G]([5.0.2])
·[Xperia Z4 Tablet]([5.0.2])
·[AQUOS Pad SH-05G]([5.0.2])
·[Nexus 5X]([6.0])
·[Xperia Z5]([5.1.1)]
·[Xperia Z5 Compact SO-02H]([5.1.1][6.0])
·[Xperia Z5 Premium SO-03H]([5.1.1][6.0])
·[AQOUS ZETA SH-01H]([5.1.1])
·[AQUOS Compact SH-02H]([5.1.1])
·[dtab d-01H]([5.1.1])
·[arrows Fit F-01H]([5.1.1])
·[Galaxy Active neo SC-01H]([5.1.1])
·[arrows NX F-02H]([5.1.1])
·[Disney Mobile on docomo DM-01H]([5.1.1])
·[dtab Compact d-02H]([5.1.1])
·[AQUOS mini SH-M03]([6.0.1]) [NEW]
·[AQUOS ZETA SH-04H]([6.0.1]) [NEW]
·[Galaxy S7 edge SC-02H]([6.0.1]) [NEW]

·[IS03](Support Ends November 20, 2015)
·[XPERIA acro IS11S]([2.3.3][2.3.4])
·[REGZA Phone IS11T]([2.3.4])
·[G'zOne IS11CA]([2.3.3])
·[AQUOS PHONE IS11SH]([2.3.3][2.3.4])
·[MIRACH IS11PT]([2.3.4])
·[INFOBAR A01]([2.3.3])
·[AQUOS PHONE IS 12SH]([2.3.3])
·[AQUOS PHONE IS13SH]([2.3.5])
·[REGZA Phone IS04](Support Ends November 20, 2015)
·[HTC EVO WiMAX ISW11HT]([2.3.4])
·[HTC EVO 3D ISW12HT]([2.3.4][4.0.3])
·[DIGNO ISW11K]([2.3.5])
·[ARROWS Z ISW11F]([2.3.5][4.0.3])
·[MEDIAS BR IS11N]([2.3.5])
·[GALAXY S II WiMAX ISW11SC]([2.3.6][4.0.4])
·[Optimus X IS11LG]([2.3.7][4.0.4])
·[ARROWS ES IS12F]([2.3.5])
·[INFOBAR C01]([2.3.5])
·[MOTOROLA RAZR IS12M]([2.3.6][4.0.4])
·[Xperia acro HD IS12S]([2.3.7][4.0.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE IS14SH]([2.3.5])
·[HTC J ISW13HT]([4.0.3][4.0.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE SL IS15SH]([4.0.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE CL IS17SH]([4.0.4])
·[ARROWS Z ISW13F]([4.0.3])
·[REGZA Tablet AT500]([4.0.3])
·[Xperia VL SOL21]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[GALAXY S III Progre SCL21]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE SERIE SHL21]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[ARROWS ef FJL21]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[Optimus G LGL21]([4.0.4])
·[VEGA PTL21]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[DIGNO S KYL21]([4.0.4])
·[G'zOne TYPE-L CAL21]([4.0.4])
·[AQUOS PAD SHT21]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[HTC J Butterfly HTL21]([4.1.1])
·[INFOBAR A02 HTX21]([4.1.1])
·[XperiaUL SOL22]([4.1.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE ss 205SH] ([4.1.2])
·[HTC J One HTL22]([4.1.2][4.4.2])
·[GALAXY Note 3 SCL22]([4.3][4.4.2][5.0])
·[URBANO L01] ([4.2.2])
·[Xperia Z1 SOL23]([4.2.2][4.4.2])
·[ARROWS Z FJL22]([4.2.2])
·[isai LGL22]([4.2.2][4.4.2])
·[DIGNO M KYL22]([4.2.2])
·[ARROWS Tab FJT21] ([4.2.2])
·[Xperia Z Ultra SOL24]([4.2.2][4.4.2])
·[G Flex LGL23]([4.2.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE SERIE mini SHL24F]([4.2.2])
·[AQUOS PAD SHT22]([4.2.2])
·[URBANO L02]([4.2.2])
·[GALAXY S5 SCL23]([4.4.2][5.0])
·[Xperia ZL2 SOL25]([4.4.2])
·[AQUOS SERIE SHL25]([4.4.2])
·[URBANO L03]([4.4.2])
·[Xperia Z2 Tablet SOT21]([4.4.2])
·[isai FL LGL24]([4.4.2])
·[TORQUE G01]([4.4.2])
·[freetel XM]([4.4.2])
·[HTC butterfly HTL23]([4.4.2])
·[ASUS MeMO Pad8]([4.4.2])
·[Xperia Z3 SOL26]([4.4.2][5.0.2])
·[GALAXY Note Edge SCL24]([4.4.4][5.0.1])
·[GALAXY Tab S SCT21]([4.4.4][5.0.2])
·[URBANO V01]([4.4.4])
·[isai VL]([4.4.2])
·[AQUOS SERIE mini]([4.4.4])
·[INFOBAR A03]([4.4.4])
·[INFOBAR A03]([4.4.4])
·[Galaxy S6 edge] ([5.0.2])
·[isai vivid LGV32]([5.1])
·[AQUOS SERIE SHV32]([5.0.2])
·[HTC J butterfly HTV31]([5.0.2])
·[Xperia Z4 SOV31]([5.0.2])
·[TORQUE G02]([5.1])
·[URBANO V02]([5.1])
·[Xperia Z4 Tablet]([5.0.2])
·[Qua tab 01] ([5.1])
·[Xperia Z5]([5.1.1)]
·[DIGNO rafre]([5.1.1])
·[Galaxy A8]([5.1.1])
·[AQUOS SERIE mini]([5.1.1])
·[Qua phone]([5.1.1])
·[AQUOS SERIE SHV34]([6.0.1]) [NEW]
·[HTC 10 HTV32]([6.0.1]) [NEW]
·[Galaxy S7 edge SCV33]([6.0.1]) [NEW]

Softbank Mobile
·[Simple Smartphone SoftBank 008Z]([2.3.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE THE PREMIUM SoftBank 009SH]([2.3.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE SoftBank 006SH]([2.3.3])
·[AQUOS PHONE THE HYBRID SoftBank 007SH]([2.3.3])
·[AQUOS PHONE THE HYBRID SoftBank 007SH J]([2.3.3])
·[SoftBank 007SH KT]([2.3.3])
·[Vision SoftBank 007HW]([2.3.4][2.3.7])
·[AQUOS PHONE 102SH]([2.3.5][4.0.4])
·[STAR 7 009Z]([2.3.4])
·[LUMIX Phone 101P]([2.3.5])
·[MEDIAS CH 101N]([2.3.5])
·[AQUOS PHONE 103SH]([2.3.5])
·[AQUOS PHONE 104SH]([4.0.3])
·[Dell Streak Pro 101DL]([2.3.5])
·[HONEY BEE 101K]([2.3.4])
·[GALAPAGOS SoftBank 003SH]([2.3.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE Xx 106SH]([4.0.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE 102SHII]([2.3.5][4.0.4])
·[PANTONE 5 107SH]([4.0.4])
·[ARROWS A 101F]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[MOTOROLA RAZR M 201M]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[STREAM 201HW]([4.0.4])
·[PANTONE 6 200SH]([4.0.4][4.1.2])
·[ARROWS A 201F]([4.1.2])
·[HONEY BEE 201K]([4.1.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE Xx 203SH]([4.1.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE Xx 206SH]([4.2.2])
·[ARROWS A 202F]([4.2.2])
·[DIGNO R 202K]([4.2.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE Xx 302SH] ([4.2.2])
·[ARROWS A 301F] ([4.2.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE Xx mini 303SH]([4.2.2])
·[AQUOS Xx 304SH]([4.4.2])
·[AQUOS CRYSTAL]([4.4.2])
·[Xperia Z3 401SO]([4.4.4])
·[AQUOS CRYSTAL X]([4.4.4])
·[Galaxy Tab4]([4.4.2])
·[DIGNO U]([4.4.4])
·[Galaxy S6 edge 404SC]([5.0.2])
·[Xperia Z4 402SO]([5.0.2])
·[AQUOS Xx]([5.0.2])
·[AQUOS Crystal 2 403SH]([5.0.2])
·[Xperia Z5]([5.1.1)]
·[Nexus 6P]([6.0])
·[AQUOS Xx2]([5.1.1])
·[AQUOS Xx2 mini]([5.1.1])
·[Lenovo TAB2]([5.0.2])
·[Xperia X Performance 502SO]([6.0.1]) [NEW]
·[DIGNO F 503KC]([6.0.1]) [NEW]
·[AQUOS Xx3 506SH]([6.0.1]) [NEW]

·[DIGNO DUAL WX04K]([2.3.4][4.1.1])
·[HONEY BEE WX06K]([2.3.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE es]([4.1.2])
·[DIGNO DUAL 2 WX10K] ([4.2.2])
·[AQUOS PHONE ef WX05SH]([4.1.2])
·[Pocket WiFi S II (S41HW)]([2.3.3])
·[smart bar (S42HW)]([2.3.4])
·[Sony Ericsson mini(S51SE)]([2.3.4])
·[Dell Streak Pro GS01]([2.3.5])
·[STREAM X GL07S]([4.1.2])
·[ARROWS S EM01F]([4.1.2])
·[DIGNO T 302KC]([4.4.2])
·[MediaPad M1 403HW]([4.4.2])
·[NEXUS 6]([5.0.1])
·[DIGNO C]([4.4.4])
·[Nexus 5]([5.1])([5.1.1])
·[Nexus 6]([5.1])([5.1.1])
·[AQUOS CRYSTAL Y 402SH]([4.4.4])
·[Nexus 5X]([6.0])
·[AQUOS Xx-Y]([5.0.2])
·[AQUOS CRYSTAL Y2]([5.0.2])
·[DIGNO E 503KC]([6.0.1]) [NEW]

·[MEDIAS NEC-102]([2.3.3])
·[MEDIAS NE-202] ([4.0.4])
·[AQUOS PHONE SH90B]([4.2.2])

·[NEXUS 7(2012)]([4.1.2][4.2.2][4.3][4.4.2][4.4.3][4.4.4])
·[NEXUS 7(2013)]([4.3][4.4.2][4.4.3][4.4.4])
·[FleaPhone CP-D02] ([4.0.0])
·[Fonepad Note 6]([4.2.2])
·[Fonepad 7]([4.2.2])
·[TORQUE SKT01]([4.2.2])
·[FleaPhone CP-F03a]([4.2.2])
·[freetel FT132A]([4.1.2])
·[YOGA TABLET 8]([4.2.2])
·[Fonepad7 LTE]([4.3])
·[Ascend G6]([4.3])
·[G2 min]([4.4.2])
·[Polaroid LINEAGE]([4.2.2])
·[ZTE Blade Vec 4G]([4.4.2])
·[ZTE Blade S]([5.0.2])
·[ZTE Blade S Lite]([5.0.2])
·[ZTE Blade L3]([5.0])
·[Huawei Ascend P7]([4.4.2])
·[Huawei Mediapad M1]([4.2.2])
·[Huawei Mediapad X1]([4.2.2])
·[TJC StarQ Q5001]([4.2.2])
·[Covia F5]([4.2.2])
·[Venue 8 3840 LTE]([4.2.2])
·[ASUS Zenfone 5]([4.4.2])
·[ASUS MeMO Pad 7]([4.4.2])
·[Covia FLEAZ F4S]([4.4.2])
·[HUAWEI MATE 7]([4.4.2])
·[HUAWEI G620S]([4.4.2])
·[freetel priori2]([4.4.2])
·[StarQ Q5002]([4.4.2])
·[Polaroid pigu]([4.4.2])
·[NEXUS 9]([5.0.1])
·[LaVie Tab S]([4.4.2])
·[FLEAZ F4]([4.4.2])
·[ARROWS M01]([4.4.2])
·[ASUS ZenFone 2] ]([5.0])
·[FLEAZ F4S Plus] ([4.4.2])
·[KYOCERA S301] ([4.4.4])
·[Nexus 5]([5.1])([5.1.1])
·[Nexus 6]([5.1])([5.1.1])
·[ZenFone 2]([5.0])
·[ZenFone 2 Laser]([5.0.2])
·[ZenFone 2 Laser]([5.0.2])
·[AQUOS SH-M02(g04)]([5.0.2])
·[ZenFone selfie]([5.0.2])
·[ZTE Blade S7(g05)]([5.1.1])
·[Moto G]([6.0])
·[AuBee smartphone elm.]([5.1]) 
·[ZenFone Zoom]([5.0])
·[arrows M02]([5.1.1])
·[FLEAZ POP]([5.1.1])
·[Huawei P8 Max]([5.1.1])
·[ZenFone GO]([5.1.1])
·[ZenFone Max]([5.0.2])
·[HUAWEI GR5]([5.1.1])
·[HUAWEI Y6]([5.1.1])
·[Moto X Play]([6.0])
·[Moto G4 Plus]([6.0.1]) [NEW]
·[arrows M03]([6.0.1]) [NEW]
·[AQUOS mini SH-M03]([6.0.1]) [NEW]
·[Hauwei P9]([6.0]) [NEW]
·[Huawei P9 Lite]([6.0]) [NEW]
·[arp AS01M]([5.1]) [NEW]
·[DMC-CM10]([5.0.2]) [NEW]

♦Windows Computer
·Windows XP Home Edition(SP3) (Support Ends April 8, 2014)
·Windows XP Professional(SP3) (Support Ends April 8, 2014)
·Windows Vista Home Basic (SP2)(Support Ends November 20, 2015)
·Windows Vista Home Premium (SP2)(Support Ends November 20, 2015)
·Windows Vista Business (SP2)(Support Ends November 20, 2015)
·Windows Vista Enterprise (SP2)(Support Ends November 20, 2015)
·Windows Vista Ultimate (SP2)(Support Ends November 20, 2015)
·Windows 7 Starter
·Windows 7 Home Premium
·Windows 7 Professional
·Windows 7 Enterprise
·Windows 7 Ultimate
·Windows 8
·Windows 8 Pro
·Windows RT 8.1
·Windows 8.1 Pro
·Windows 8.1
·Windows 10

♦Mac Computer
·Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)(Support Ends November 20, 2015)
·Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
·Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)(Support Ends November 20, 2015)
·Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

*1 Certain settings and transmission environments may prevent the use of 050 plus even on compatible devices.
*2 The numbers bracketed by [ ]represent the versions of iOS (iPhone OS) and Android™.
*3 On certain Terminals, during a call in progress made from the App, an incoming call to 090 and 080 Terminal phone functions will be given priority by the Terminal's transmission system or installed applications and others and the subscriber will not be able to continue the call from the App. In this case, the amount of time from interruption of the call to disconnection of the communication by the Company (maximum of approximately 170 seconds) will be counted as call time in calculating the cost of the call. (Restricted to calls sent from the App.)

  • If call costs exceed a certain charge (30,000 yen), we may contact the customer to confirm their contract information. The number we will call from in this case is 0120-050-190. If we are unable to confirm the customer's contract information because of inability to get in contact or similar reasons, the customer's service will be suspended.

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