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050 plus


Frequently Asked Questions about 050 plus

About Service

Q. What service is "050 plus"?

A."050 plus" is the telephone application (*1) from NTT Communications which can make a call at advantageous call charge from the smart phone or PC.
In addition to 24-hour free calls between applications, it allows the mobile phone or fixed phone to make a call anytime at the low-price charge.
In addition, since it can have a phone number differently from the free chat software, it allows call termination.

[Main call charge]
- To mobile phone: ¥17.28 (including tax) / min.
- To fixed phone: ¥8.64 (including tax)/ 3 minutes
- Between "050 plus" subscribers: ¥0
After call, "Advantageous price screen" (standard) is displayed. How much call charge is saved is known soon.

In addition, any call with the phone numbers starting with "050" (3 million subscribers or more in Japan) is free of charge (*2).
Any call between 050 numbers can be made without considering the call charge.
It is not only advantageous if only you use it, but also convenient if it is used together with your family, friend, and circles.

In addition, the call quality can be checked by "Test call" after downloading the application (free).

Use of "050 plus" requires registration using the credit card.
The target is 050IP phones supplied by NTT Communications and free call destination providers (e.g. @nifty, BIGLOBE, So-net) (as of March 31, 2011).
Reference: List of free call destination providers (*Japanese only


Q. Can "050 plus" be used for origination to the international call?

A.Yes, the call origination can be done. *1
By dialing <010 + destination country number + phone number>, call is made.
*1: If use of the international call is set off, it cannot be used.

Q. If a call is made using "050 plus", does the called party receive the notification of the calling party number?

A.Yes, notification is done. However, if the Non-notification" is set when making a call, non-notification is displayed.
For non-notification function, see Instruction Manual (
In addition, if [184] is added to the beginning of the called number when a call is made similarly with the normal call, non-notification is done.

Q. Is there the called party to which a call cannot be "originated" from "050 plus?

A.Yes. Call origination to the phone numbers below is not supported (as of March 31, 2011).
For the destination excluded from this service, the call should be made through the mobile phone, PHS, or generally subscribed phone.
- Emergency call; e.g. 110/ 119
- 3-digit number services (e.g. 104/115)
- Phone numbers starting with 0170,0990.
- Satellite or ship phone
- Carrier with which NTT Communications does not conclude connection agreement
For details, see HP (*Japanese only

Q. Is the "050 plus" call quality good?

A.Since "050 plus" call is through the Internet, the call quality depends on the state of the network the customer uses. The call quality of the customer's network can be checked after downloading "050 plus". Tap [Tap here to experience 050 plus.] button on the screen where the application is started for the first time and check the call quality following the voice guidance.

Q. When subscribing "050 plus" can the 050 number be selected by the customer?

A.Yes. There are two methods: selection from the list and selection by specifying the lower 4-digit number.

Q. When "050 plus" operates at the background, can a call be terminated?

A.Yes. Since a call cannot be terminated when "050 plus" is not started, it is recommended to activate it at the background for comfortably use.

Q. What concrete terminal can use "050 plus"?

A.For terminals to be used, use the action check terminals listed in:

Q. How much bandwidth is required to use "050 plus"?

A.The expected bandwidth use is as follows. However, call quality or connection sometimes cannot be guaranteed despite sufficient bandwith.
♦ iPhone/Android/Windows PC(ver. 4.0.0 or above)
Upward: about 20kbps
Downward: about 20kbps

♦ Windows PC(ver. 3.0.1 or lower)
Upward: about 200kbps (1Mbps is recommended)
Downward: about 200kbps (1Mbps is recommended)

Q. When a call is originated to "050 plus", the guidance "The call is connected to "050 plus (zero, five, zero, plus)." is heard. Does it require the charge?

A.No. Connection to the guidance does not require any call charge.

Q. If registration on "050 plus" is made once, can multiple terminals use the service?

A.Yes. If the registered 050 number and the password are used, it can be used through multiple smart phones and PCs.
However, there are limitations for use. See Instruction Manual (

Q. 050 plus can I use overseas?

However, 050 plus is due to the use of encryption technology, you may export may be limited by national laws and regulations. In addition, 050 plus is a service that forwards Internet phone call 050IP, or if the use to bring or is limited by the laws of local country, you may communication environment of the local country by (* 1) is not available.
(* 1)
In addition, such as Transmission speed does not come out, by the Internet connection service provided by the local telecommunications company of the country, it could be When a limit is imposed on the specific communication such as VoIP. For more information, please contact the communications company become available.

Q. Where is the country that are available?

A.If you are satisfied with the communication environment of the local country, the use of the following countries and regions of our own investigation is possible. (In January 2013)
Due to the revised law, the situation may be available at the time of the different should be noted, does not guarantee the use of the customer. Is available when we encourage you to actually judge it in your own.



(* 2)
On export controls, local in the country please use the following points in mind.
♦ Do not used in the development of weapons of mass destruction and conventional weapons
♦ For encryption technology you are using, that does not explain to a citizen or national of a country in local oral
♦ The use and personal use only, not to transfer or loan to others

Q. Do you have a country not available?

A.In the following countries and regions bring and use-removal has been limited investigation of our own.
However, due to legislation, you have a situation at the time of the different available. (In January 2013)
Described, including the countries and regions have not done our research, not available when you ask you will be actually on your own judgment.



Q. Can iPod touch/iPad use "050 plus"?

A.Yes, you can use.

Q. Can "050 plus" be used in Wi-Fi environment?

A.Yes. If "050 plus" can be connected to the Wi-Fi network, it can be used anywhere.
However, a call may not be made by deteriorated call quality because of the communication environment (e.g. congestion) on the used terminal or the carrier or the limited status of the communication necessary for "050 plus".

Q. If the other application is used when using "050 plus", does any problem occur?

A.The operation status or settings of the other application installed in the used terminal (e.g. standard call making application and other VoIP application) may cause call origination/ termination or call not to be used or make "050 plus" call impossible. *1

*1: If "050 plus" communication is disabled during a call because of the action of the other application, it may take time until disconnecting the call. There may be a difference between the call duration displayed on the "050 plus" application screen during the call and that in the bill details (or call charge).

Q. Is Bluetooth supported?

A.Support status is as follows.
Android™: More than Bluetooth 2.1 (only HSP)
iOS: Is not supported currently.

Q. Is there a difference between "050 plus" and "OCN dot phone 300"?

A."050 plus" is the service which can be used on the smart phone or PC if contracted once.

Q. When using "iOS5", call termination is not notified. Is there the method for notification?

A.If "Not notify" is set, notification is not done.
Select "Setting" > "Notify" > "050 plus" and set "Notification center" ON.
The selected "dialog" or "banner" the style of notification.
Incoming notification of "050 plus" will be performed.

Q. Can "050 plus" change the ringtone?

A.YES.You can set the ring tone music file that is in the SD card or memory in smartphone.
*If you use the following versions of iOS4, can not use the function.
[For customer using iOS device]
Select "Setting" "Ringtone" "Choose from music" and select the music.
[For customer using the Android™ device]
♦To work with the terminal ringtone
Select "Setting" "Ringtone" "Choose from music" .
♦Set individual ringtones to 050plus First Please Select referral of the music "Setting" "Ringtone" "Choose from music"
next select the music file.

Q. How can I change the background of the keypad?

A.[For customer using iOS device]
After you change to "On" to "Custom" in the "Change Background Image" "settings list" of the app, and press the button "Select Image", please select an image from the camera roll.Performed, such as button set up, the changes are reflected by selecting Save.
[For customer using the Android™ device]
First Please change to ON to "use the skins" and press the button "Select image",
Next choose the image that is in the memory in smartphone after you press the button "choose the image" and performed, such as button set up or trimming. Changes will be reflected when you press the save.

Q. Is it possible to work with the setting of the "manner mode" "Silent Switch" on the terminal 050 plus

A.Configuration is required in order to work with the terminal settings.
[For customer using iOS device]
Select "Setting" "Ringtone" "Choose from music"
[For customer using the Android™ device]
Select "Setting" "Ringtone" "Choose from music"

Q. Are there notes, when moving an application to SD card?

A.You will not be able to auto-start apps. It cannot use, if SD card is removed.. In addition, during the initial setup and during the startup of the application, please do not go to the external SD card.

Q. To change the language of the '050 plus' what should I do?

A.If japanese set to the language setting of the terminal, application will be displayed in Japanese. If non-japanese,application will be displayed in English.

Q. What is the Automatic Gain Control?

A.It is a function to adjust optimal the Microphone volume.

Q. Is it possible to manually adjust the Microphone volume?

A.From the app,[Settings]⇒[App settings]⇒ [Master Volume] ,and turn off [Automatic Gain Control].Please adjust the slider of the volume control on the same screen.

Q. How can I download "050 plus" application?

A.You can download the application for iOS from "App Store".
As for Android, from "Google Play".
If you want that for Windows OS, you can download it .

About Price

Q. Is "050 plus" application charged?

A.The application itself is free.
If subscription to "050 plus" is done (monthly: 324 yen), the call can be used.
Subscription should be done through the downloaded "050 plus" application.

Q. How much monthly charge does "050 plus" require?

A.Monthly charge is ¥324 (including tax).
And monthly basic charge is free for the first month and next month.
*Additional call charge is required and the packet fee is not included in the price.

Q. How much call charge does "050 plus" require?

A.Main call charges are as follows:
[Main call charge]
- To mobile phone: ¥17.28 (including tax)/ min.
- To generally subscribed phone: ¥8.64 (including tax)/ 3 minutes
- To "050 plus" phone, OCN dot phone, and 050IP phone supplied by free call destination providers: free
For details other than above, see HP (

Q. What IP number is free of charge when "050 plus" call is made?

A.Calls to the 050IP phone service supplied by NTT Communications and the free call destination providers are free.

For details of 050IP phone supplied by the free call destination providers and charged call destination providers and call charge for each country, see HP

For whether the call made to 050IP phone number is free, see HP ( ).*Japanese only

Q. Is cooling-off after the subscription of "050 plus"?

A.No, it is not

Q. If "050 plus" is canceled, is the basic price of that month calculated on a daily basis?

A.No. Even if cancellation is done in the middle of the month, the basic price for that month is required.

Q. Can the customer check the monthly charge and call charge of "050 plus" used until now?

Each of details can be checked on "Charge info" of "Control Menu" in the application. *1, *2

*1: "Bill details" can be used on October 17, 2011 or later.
*2: For cautions for usage, see Instruction Manual:

Q. What method is used for the "050 plus" payment?

A.The payment method for the subscription is only the credit card.

Q. Can the "050 plus" credit card number be changed?

A.Yes. The registered credit card can be changed by using <Control Menu Change credit card info> in the application.

For detailed operation, see Instruction Manual (

About subscription and cancellation

Q. What method is used for "050 plus" subscription?

A.[For customer using iPhone] Subscription should be made through the dedicated subscription site ( window). After subscription, if the registered 050 number and password are entered through the application, the service can be used.

[For customer using the Android™ terminal/ Windows PC]
Subscription should be made on the application. When tapping "Subscription Here" button which is displayed when the application is started for the first time, subscription operation can be done.

Q. Can use of "050 plus" be stopped temporarily?

A.No. It cannot be stopped temporarily.

Q. Can the family member's credit card be used for subscription of "050 plus?

A.No. Only the contractor's credit card can be used for subscription.

Q. Can multiple numbers for "050 plus" be owned (i.e. multiple contracts)?

A.Yes. However, one terminal shall have one contracted 050 number.

Q. When the same credit card is used to try multiple subscriptions for "050 plus", an error message is displayed and subscription cannot be done. What action is required?

A.Very sorry. The number of contracts to be paid by one credit card is limited.

Q. From what phone number is "Subscription check call" made?

A."Subscription check call" is made from NTT Communications by the automatic response guidance. The notified phone number at that time is 050-3300-1500.

Q. What method is used for cancellation?

A.Cancellation need to be done through the application. The cancellation procedure should be done through <Control Menu Cancel a contract> of the application.
For detailed operation, see Instruction Manual (

Q. Is the penalty required for cancellation?

A.No. The penalty for cancellation is not required.

Q. Does deletion of the application allow "050 plus" to be canceled?

A.No. Note that even if the application is uninstalled, the cancellation procedure should not be completed.
For the customer who uninstalls the application before cancellation procedure, NTT Communication makes inquiry to confirm whether the request is done by the person himself and then cancellation procedure should be done.
Note that the person himself is checked by the registration information at subscription (name, phone number, 050 number, etc.).

Q. Before the cancellation procedure is done through "050 plus" application, the contracted terminal is canceled. What method is used for cancellation?

A.Inquiry should be made to ( Whether the request is done by the person himself is checked and then cancellation procedure should be done
Note that the person himself is checked by the registration information at subscription (name, phone number, 050 number, etc.).

Q. The terminal for which "050 plus" is contracted is lost. What method is used for cancellation?

A.NTT Communication makes inquiry to confirm whether the request is done by the person himself and then cancellation procedure should be done.
Note that the person himself is checked by the registration information at subscription (name, phone number, contract address, etc.).

Q. From the cancellation procedure, I will not be able to use How long does it take?

A. Use becomes impossible when the completion mail of cancellation is delivered.

About functions other than a telephone call

Q. What service is the "050 plus" answering phone function? Is the special subscription required for use of it?

A. "Answering phone function" is to allow the terminated message to "050 plus" is stored.
In addition, it allows notification by the mail with the voice file (Wav. format) to be sent to the predefined mail address when the call is terminated or a message is stored.
To use it, new subscription of "050 plus" should be made and then setting should be done through the application on the next day.
♦ Setting method ♦
(1) On the setting screen, log in <Control Menu> and tap the Option (Answering phone).
(2) On the displayed screen, tap <Setting>.
(3) If "Used" is displayed, the setting is completed.

For detailed usage of the answering phone function, see Instruction Manual (

Q. "050 plus" answering phone function is to be set. Is an additional monthly charge required for the function?

A. Not required.

Q. If a call is connected to the answering phone function through "050 plus", is the calling party required for the charge?

A. Yes. The call charge is required

A. One message is up to 90 seconds and up to 20 messages can be stored within 7 days (168 hours).
If 21th call or later is terminated to the answering phone, the call originator hears the busy tone and connection to the message center cannot be done.
By deleting unnecessary messages, the service can be used again.

A. The stored message can be checked or deleted by executing the operation below after making a call to the message center.
(1) Make a call to the message center (050-3300-3000). (*)
(2) Follow the guidance to enter the customer's "050IP phone number" and "#".
(3) Follow the guidance to enter the 4-digit "Password". The password of the initial setting registers the lower 4 digits of the inquiry ID.
(4) After guidance, one message is replayed.
(5) To delete the replayed message, enter "1+#".

* Some messages stored by "050 plus" may not be checked depending on the communication status.
Use the service in the stable communication environment such as Wi-Fi area.
In addition, if the message by "050 plus" cannot be checked, make a call to 050-3300-3000 through the mobile or fixed phone. (In this case, the call charge is requested by your used carrier.)
♦ When checking the stored message, touch the pushbutton slowly and surely.
♦ If the recorded "Voice file" is set to be "Attached" to the mail, the service is more convenient.

A. With the setting change of [Notified destination mail address] in <Control Menu Option setting (answering phone)> of the application, items below of the termination notification mail can be set or changed:
- Setting: Usage status can be selected (Use/ not)
- Notified destination mail address: The notified destination mail address can be set.
- Notification method: The distribution method can be sleeted from <At termination + at message recording> and <Only at message recording>.
* The termination notification mails are distributed one by one.
- Voice file (Wav file): "Attached/ not" of the voice file to the termination notification mail is selected.
For detailed operation, see Instruction Manual (

A. Notification includes the information below:
- Notification of "Call terminated" or "Message stored"
- Customer's 050IP phone number
- Call termination date/ time
- Calling phone number
- Recording time
- Number of records
- "Attached or not" of the voice file
- Contact address of the message center
For details of the termination notification mail, see Instruction Manual (

Q. Can "050 plus" call termination notification mail be received on the PC or mobile phone?

A. Yes. It can be received on the mail address of the mobile phone and PC.
For the customer who rejects the reception through the domain specification on the mobile phone, the setting should be done so that the mail can be received from the domain of this service ( However, some mobile phone models may not receive the correct information because of e.g. limited number of characters.

* If the termination notification mail is received on the mobile phone, additional packet communication charge is required

Q. Does the application include the phone directory function?

A. Yes.
Since "050 plus" phone directory refers to the data registered in the "Contact address" on the used terminal, re-registration on the application phone directory is not required (*1).
In addition, the new data registered from "050 plus" can be registered in the "Contact address "of the used terminal (i.e. can be shared) (*1).
For details usage of the phone directory, see Instruction Manual (
*1: Windows application is not included.

Q. How many addresses can be registered on the phone directory?

A. The number of addresses is the same as the upper limited number of registrations on the "Contact address" of the used terminal.
However, if the number of registration increases, the operation may be felt slow when checking the contact address on the "050 plus" phone directory.

Q. Synchronization is made with the contact address of the external mail through "exchange" of iPhone.
Can it be displayed or edited by "050 plus" phone directory?

A. Yes. However, if the contact address in iPhone is set to "Left in iPhone (display the corresponding terminal name)" when synchronizing the contact address of the external mail, the contact address data is duplicated when displayed.
In addition, in synchronization of the contact address, new addition of a group from the application or member edition cannot be done.

Q. "050 plus" mark is displayed next to the contact address registered on the phone directory. What function is it?

A. If the free call destination 050 number of "050 plus" is registered, "050 plus" mark is displayed next to the name. (Display is based on the information as of September 5, 2011.).
* The models supporting this function can be checked through:

Q. What function is the "Favolites"?

A. It allows the called part frequently used to be registered for convenience; i.e. saving the trouble such as phone directory search and use of dial pad. Please use it. For detailed use of one-touch call, see Instruction Manual (

Q. Is there a limit on the number of "favorites" that can be registrated?

A. ♦ iPhone/Android
No. However, it depends on your device.

♦ Windows PC(ver. 4.0.0 or above)
Yes. Maximum number of registration is 30.

Q. What function is "Test call"?

A. It allows the "050 plus" call quality to be checked after downloading the application. Tap "If "050 plus" is to be experienced" button on the screen where the application is started for the first time or tap "Test call" on the setting screen. *1

*1: The call may not be used after contract depending on your used communication environment.

Q. Is the phone number to which "Test call" is made disclosed?

A. No. The phone number for the test call is not disclosed. To make a test call, it is necessary for the customer to always download the application.

Q. ''9714 error'' message displayed.

A. ''9714 error'' message displayed. when it is unavailable or communication line switches during a Testcall.
Please retry to a place where you have good reception.

Q. How many items can be stored in recent call histry (incoming / outgoing) ?

A. ♦ iPhone/Android
In both cases, thr maximum number of items stored in the call history is 100.
If the number exceeds 100, the oldest item is deleted.

♦ Windows PC(ver. 4.0.0 or above)
In both cases, thr maximum number of items stored in the call history is 50.
If the number exceeds 50, the oldest item is deleted.

Contract information changes

Q. "050 plus" is used and the address and the phone number are changed. What action is required?

A. Change should be done through <Control Menu Change your info> of the application.
For details, see Instruction Manual (

Q. The 050IP number of "050 plus" is to be changed. What action is required?

A. Sorry. Note that the 050 number cannot be changed.

Q. The "050 plus" password is forgotten. What action is required?

A. It can be changed through "Change your info" in Control Menu of the application.
For details, see Instruction Manual (

Q. The models of the smart phone and the PC are changed and "050 plus" is installed again. Is the subscription necessary?

A. No. Execution of the simple initial setting allows continuous usage.
The initial setting requires the 050 number and the password.

About Bluetooth

Q. Using a Bluetooth device, is it available to talk on "050 plus" ?

A. Yes, you can use the Bluetooth on the following conditions.
·Bluetooth version :2.0+EDR or higher
·Profile :HSP
*Some devices on this condition may be unavailable

Q. Tell me about supported device condition

A. ·Bluetooth version :2.0+EDR or higher
·Profile :HSP

*Profile "HFP" is not supported
*Some devices on this condition may be unavailable
Please read each operation manual before using the device

<About "profile">
HSP (HeadSet Profile)
Connect with Headset devices
HFP (Hands-Free Profile) *Not supported at "050 plus"
Call with hands free
Operations of making a call will be possible,
such as incoming and outgoing call

Q. Is there a recommended device or manufacturer of the 050 plus ?

A. Nothing in particular
*Some devices on this condition may be unavailable

Q. Is it possible to make a call with using Bluetooth device?

A. Impossible, please make a call from app's screen.

Q. How to use a Bluetooth device ?

A. Read device's operation manual or inquire to manufacturer,please

Q. How ringtone sounds during Bluetooth device connected

A. It depends on whether A2DP profile is supported or not
A2DP:Sounds from speaker
not A2DP:Sounds from speaker and bluetooth

Q. What is the cause of the broken voice when using Bluetooth device

A. For the following reason, it might be difficult to talk
(1)Compatibility or Distance between devices is not good
(2)The battery level is low
(3)Radio interference , such as Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b/g)

Q. I can not call using a Bluetooth device

A. Please cancel the Bluetooth connection
Some devices can not be used even if it meets the condition

Q. I can not hear the music app's sound after Bluetooth calling

A. Please try to reconnect the Bluetooth device

Q. Switching output device from Bluetooth to phone, there were no longer sounds

A. Please turn off the Bluetooth connection, then you can hear sounds

Q. Although connecting with bluetooth device,sounds came out from speaker

A. Sound output setting might be taken over from the app that had been using until just before
Then please switch sound output setting

Q. When I use with iPod touch 3rd , a call ends as soon as the call was started

A. Please be sure to connect Headset (Earphone microphone) ,when you use with iPod touch 3rd

About Message function

Q. What is message function?

A. It is a function that can send and receive text messages.

Q. How to use the message function?

A. The subscription after the 050 plus, initialize of app.For other operations, please refer to the user manual (

Q. Do you need subscription to use the message function?

A. For the basic functions of 050 plus, you do not need the subscription.

Q. Conditions of messaging partner?

A. Can send and receive in between users of the 050 plus.

Q. What is the app version available to the message function?

A. Is version 4.0.0 or more.
(It is not available for Windows)

Q. Can I turn off the message function?

A. Yes. From the app,[Settings]⇒[App settings]⇒ [Message settings] ,and turn off [message].
* initial state is turned on.

Q. Number of characters that can be sent in the message of one times?

A. Maximum of 500 characters.

Q. Can I send the picture by the message?

A. Not send.

Q. Can I send a message in a group?

A. Yes,Maximum number is 20 (including yourself).

Q. What is a "Block" of a message function?

A. It is a function to stop sending and receiving messages. You will not be able to send or receive messages to and from numbers that are blocking.

Q. If you have members that are blocking in the group, Is it possible to send and receive messages?

A. In the case of a grouping, even if the member that are blocking is included in the members, a message is sent to all members.

Q. Displayed as "guest" in the group, but what is guest?

A. In the case of group, telephone number that are not registered in the contact will be displayed as "guest".

Q. What is the [notification] of Message setting?

A. This function can be notified that the message was received.

Q. Tab of the Favorites has changed to Message. can use the Favorites?

A. Tab of Favorites has been moved in the contacts from app version 4.0.0.

Q. If I had blocked,can I notice that I had blocked?

A. You do not notice that you have to be blocked.

Q. If you blocked messages ,IP Phone also blocked?

A. No. IP phone is not blocked.

Q. If I delete a message by mistake, is it possible to to recover the message?

A. Sorry, it is not possible.

Q. Is there a how to check whether the message was sent to the partner?

A. If you sent a message to our server, the time is displayed on the message screen.
There is no way to check whether the message was sent to the partner.

Q. It makes use of Android devices, Google accounts has not been set.Can I use the message function?

A. Can be used.
However, if less than 2.3.7, version of Android is not able to receive the notification.

Q. If the members of the group were all exit, if the message body and message record happens?

A. Message record is not deleted.It is displayed as (0) is message record on.

About Photo talk

Q. What is Photo talk?

A. Photo talk is a service which can display photo you choose on the other end of the line and send/receive it during the calling.

Q. What do I need to start this service?

A. You need to
1. install 050plus application version 3.1.0 or more.
2. put SD card into devices
3. enough memory
4. set photo talk on

Q. What types of network do I need for Photo talk?

A. You need 3G and wi-fi networks.

Q. What types of file format can I send?

A. Jpeg image file foramt allowed to send.

Q. Any restriction of device for starting this service?

A. please check our homepage listed below.(

Q. Can I send a photo to anybody by photo talk?

A. You can send a photo to anybody that is insatalled 050 plus application(version 3.1.0 or more) for there smart phone.

Q. How do I call by using a photo talkl?

A. There is two way to call.
1. press the phone number and press and hold IP Phone button.
2. pick the phone number and press and hold IP Phone button.

Q. How do I know that a photo has sent to the other end of the line ?

A. if the progress bar reach to the end, it means the photo has sent to the other end of the line ?

Q. How many photos I can send/receive?

A. You can send/receive photos maximum 20 each call.

Q. Will the Photo be saved?

A. The photo will be saved in the device.

Q. Can I send a movie by photo talk ?

A. No, photos only.

Q. Can I talk during this service sendig/receiveing a photo

A. You can talk while this service sending/receiving a photo.

Q. If the call connected to the answering phone, the photo which I send is going to be?

A. That photo will not be saved to the end of the line.

Q. If the call will not answer or reject, the photo which I send is going to be?

A. The photo will be saved as a recents.

Q. What is the "photo" in the recents area?

A. it is a recents of photo which send or receive.

About Windows/Mac

Q. What are the requirements for installing 050 plus for Windows PC app?

A. ". Net framework 4" must be installed.

Q. I'm using Windows PC. Can I backup contacts data on 050 plus ?

A. Yes. In "Contacts settings" menu, click the "Export" button under the "Import / Export contacts" section, and contacts data are output in .csv file format.

Q. I'm using Windows PC. Can I syncronize my contacts data on 050 plus with my Gmail contacts?

A. Yes. First, in "Contacts settings" menu, enter your google account information on the entry form under "Sync with Gmail" section. Then click the "Upload" or "Download"button under the same section to sync contacts.

Q. I'm using Windows 8. Can I'm using PC app(Desktop) and Tablet app(Modern UI) simultaneously on the same device?

A. Yes, however we are not assure the quality and we recommend to shut down the other app you do not use.

Q. Can I sync my address book from Mac?

A. Yes, you can sync with address book of Mac. Please read this manual for more details.

Q. I'm using Windows Tablet (Modern UI). Can I get an incoming call when device is sleep mode?

A. No, but some devices are able to get a incoming call even it's sleep mode.
*Available devices;

Q. I'm using Windows Tablet (Modern UI), and sometimes I cannot get a call.

A. When many applications are working with 050plus, you sometimes miss a call depending on your OS version.

Q. I'm using Windows Tablet (Modern UI),and 050 plus is not starting automatically. How can make it work automatically?

A. Regulation of its OS, application cannot be starting automatically on Windows Tablet (Modern UI).

Q. I'm using Windows Tablet (Modern UI),and Error "audio device is not found" was displayed.

A. Setting access to the microphone is blocked.
Please change the microphone settings in the following way.
1) Display the [charms bar] on the right side of the screen,and click the "Settings"
2) Click the Settings list "permissions"
3) Turn on setting of "microphone"

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