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050 plus


Free for the first month and second month!

monthly basic charge 330 yen (tax incl.) *All call charges on this page are tax inclusive.

Customer Call Charges Call Recipient
[050 plus]

monthly basic charge 330 yen


Over 3 million registered users with 050 IP phones from free call providers such as OCN Dot Phone. *4

050 plus, OCN Dot Phone, OCN Dot Phone Office, Phone IP Centrex, etc Free call providers List of free call providers
Fixed line in Japan
Mobile in Japan
Calls made: 11 yen/min
*11 yen (tax incl.) added to each call.
Calls received: your phone provider's call charges *3
PHS in Japan
Calls made: 8.8 yen/3 mins
Calls received: your phone provider's call charges *3
Charged call providers
Calls made: e.g. 9 yen/min from the USA Calls received: your phone provider's call charges *3 International call

*1 Some free call providers will costs for calls made to 050 plus phone numbers beginning with 050.
Learn more

*2 The 050IP call charges determined by the caller’s phone provider apply. Calls received from NTT East or NTT West are charged at a nationwide flat rate of 11.88 yen.

*3 The 050IP call charges determined by the caller’s phone provider apply.

*4 Correct as of December 31, 2016

  • Charges are applied per month, and customers who terminate their contract before the end of the month will still be charged the basic charge for the entire month.
  • The 050 plus's monthly charge, call charges, and universal charges are to be paid to NTT Communications. Internet connection charges and other related charges will be billed by the relevant providers.
  • Costs for packet data used for actions requiring internet use such as application download, making and receiving calls via the app, and talking via the app are charged to the customer, therefore we recommend use of a capped data plan. The app also conducts regular automatic transmission which also creates packet data transmission charges.
  • A call charge may be incurred to play the message from the voice mail center. In this case, the subscriber’s telecommunications carrier and others will bill the subscriber for the call.
  • Calls made from an NTT East or NTT West public telephone are charged at 10 yen (tax incl.) and can be made for a duration of 17.5 seconds.

  • Calls from 050 plus cannot be made to the following numbers. Please use a mobile phone or PHS to call these numbers.
    • Calls to emergency numbers (110, 118, 119) and 3-digit phone number services (104, 115, 177, etc)
    • Calls to numbers that begin with 0170,0910
    • Calls to business operators that have not concluded an interconnection agreement with the Company (providers that offer free calling, including IP phones other than IP phones of providers that charge for calls)
  • Calls to numbers that begin with 0033 or another business operator identification number.

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