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Partner Solution Program


An overview, menu details, and other information on the Partner Solution Program are introduced.

Overview of Partner Solution Program

The Partner Solution Program has the following menu for partner companies who provide end users with NTT Com services in combination with their own services/solutions.
(Only a partial cloud supported the menu at the start of services in September 2014.)

  Menu Target services Charge Supported
(1)Joint Promotion (Web Promotion) All services Free of charge Package Promotion Site
(2)Lead Handover All services Free of charge
(3)Joint Seminar BHEC*1/Cloudn*2
Free of charge Information-providing Site Accessible Only to Partners
(4)Proposal Tool/Case Provision BHEC*1/Cloudn*2
Free of charge
(5)Proposal Introduction Support BHEC*1/Cloudn*2
Free of charge
(6)Verification Environment Provision BHEC*1/Cloudn*2
Free of charge
(7)Service Manager BHEC*1 Estimate is given on each occasion
(8)Holding Study Meetings (for Sales/SEs) BHEC*1/Cloudn*2
Free of charge
Information provision (9)Materials for Engineers (Manual) BHEC*1/Cloudn*2
Free of charge

*1) BHEC:Abbreviation of Biz Hosting Enterprise Cloud
*2) Cloudn:Abbreviation of Biz Hosting Cloudn
*3) BDP:Abbreviation of Biz Desktop Pro
*4) M2M:Arcstar Universal One Mobile, Arcstar Universal One Mobile Global M2M, and OCN Mobile ONE for Business used as M2M solutions
*5) UCaaS:An abbreviation of Arcstar UCaaS
*6) Nexcenter:Name of next-generation data center

Overview of Partner Solution Program

Marketing support

The cooperation menu is a Joint Promotion Program that expands the possibilities of partnering businesses and joins them to create new business opportunities with partner companies cooperating with NTT Com.

(1)Joint Promotion

Packages, sales case studies, and partner company introductions are published at the Package Promotion Site of the NTT Com official website.

(2)Lead Handover

Customer leads inquired from the Package Promotion Site are handed over.
You must handle customer leads within three business days.
The PSP desk will carry out regular questionnaire surveys on the handling of leads that have been handed over. (The Excel form at titled "Matter Information Progress Status Sheet" will be sent separately.)
The contents reported by partner companies will be used to manage the handling status of leads handed over.
We would appreciate your cooperation to maintain the quality of handling customers.

(3)Joint Seminar

NTT Com plans cloud-related seminars for end users about twice a year.
These are also opportunities to hold joint promotions on cooperation with partner companies.

"What is a package?"
A package is a solution of the partner company that is an application developed by the partner company in combination with the ICT service we provide. When a package is created, design, construction, maintenance, and operation processes must be examined. The partner company is also responsible for operation and quality assurance.

Sales support

The support menu supports information provision, training, sales, and technology for individual matters handled with cooperating partner companies.

(4)Providing Proposal Tool/Cases

Service overview materials, proposal formats, rough estimate tool, etc. will be provided for sales representatives.

Technical support

(5)Support for Introducing Proposals

When a proposal is made to end users, our persons in charge will support the introduction of services on site. Replies to inquiries about services, configuration of proposals on site, adjustment of delivery date, etc. will be provided.

(6)Providing Verification Environment

A verification environment (ID) will be lent.

(7)Service Manager

After operation is started, service level management, monthly reporting, regular meetings, and overall control (system consultation) will be arranged.

Training support

(8)Holding Study Meetings (for Sales/SEs)

Service knowledge, proposal know-how, role-playing training, service demonstrations, and hands-on seminars will be provided through collective training.

Providing information

(9)Providing Materials for Engineers

Materials for engineers such as service introduction materials, explanations of service functions, and service competition comparison materials will be provided.

Expanding and Changing Programs for Partner Companies

The Partner Solution Program allows the following changes to enhance the programs for partner companies and develop easy-to-understand systems.

Integrating multiple programs
Expanding information and enhancing support for developers and engineers


Introducing Collaboration Services

ICT packages and solutions such as cloud introduction support services for introducing cloud services from on-premises environments and various business systems that operate in cloud environments, which combine NTT Com services and applications provided by partner companies, are introduced at the "Collaboration Services for Sales Partners" website.

Collaboration Services for Sales Partners(*The "Website Accessible" is available only in Japanese.)

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