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RFI GP 2015-2001

February 29, 2016
NTT Communications Corporation

Announcement of Request for Information for "Voice Intercommunication Network System"

We place an announcement of a request for infomation about a product mentioned below.

1.Name of Announcement Voice Intercommunication Network System
2.Filing Number GP 2015-2001
3.Date of Announcement February 29, 2016
4.Closing Date/Time of Application March 29, 2016, 3PM JST
Mail must arrive no later than this date.
5.Outline " Voice Intercommunication Network System " is a communication system for closed user group. The system is offered to customers as a service. The system consists of the layer-3 IP network, a center matrix unit and IP voice terminals.
6.Places for reception of application documents Souring3, Procurements
NTT Communications Corporation
Takebashi Building 3F,
1-2-2 Hitotsubashi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8128, Japan
7.Invitation Documents Distribution and inquiries Click here.

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