Arcstar Universal One

Arcstar Universal One

Arcstar Universal One

Arcstar Universal One is a new cloud-based network; which enables enterprises to rapidly deploy cloud-based networks on a reliable, low-cost, scalable basis, across the world.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits
Global,seamless,one-stop network service

*1 Inquiries for BizCITY maintenance is in Japanese only
*2 EMEA: Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
*3 APAC: Asia-Pacific region

Highly reliable world-class backbone network

Covers 160 countries, to support customers´ business throughout the world. Arcstar Universal One provides highly reliable broadband networks using low latency submarine cable systems including PC-1*1 and Asia Submarine-cable Express*2.

Global one-stop operations

Global one-stop total operation, including ordering and maintenance available in English as well as Japanese.
A dedicated web portal enables customers to check network status.

Seamless cloud environment

Rapid implementation of total cloud-optimized network environment through integration with NTT Com´s BizCITY cloud-based applications and Arcstar Unified Communication Services for seamless global communication.

Easy to order by simple menu

Arcstar Universal One offers four grades of service to meet varying requirements for quality and cost.
All grades will feature redundant access lines to ensure high availability.

*1 PC-1: A high capacity, low latency submarine cable system running between Japan and the U.S.
*2 Asia Submarine-cable Express: A high capacity submarine cable system connecting Japan and Singapore.

Providing networks on a global scale

The above information refers to the Layer 3 networks.
The Layer 2 networks will be expanding in the future.
*1 A highly reliable route to China and southeast Asia, avoiding the Bashi Channel off the southern coast of Taiwan,which is highly susceptible to typhoons and earthquakes.

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Service Details

Service Details

Plans and bandwidths provided differ depending on countries.
Variable Rate and Wireless access are not available in some countries.
*1 In the case of Premium Grade

Premium Grade

Top quality and reliability assured by redundant bandwidth-guaranteed constant-rate access lines.

Business Grade

High reliability via a bandwidth-guaranteed constant-rate access line backed up by a best-effort access line.

Economy Grade

Quality balanced with cost effectiveness by offering partial bandwidth-guaranteed access via variable-rate access backed up by best-effort access.

Light Grade

Low-cost plan using best-effort access.

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Arcstar Universal One

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