July 22, 1999


NTT Communications to Launch "Shabericchi" Discount Service

NTT Communications Corporation announced today that on July 29 it will introduce a new service that discounts the monthly charges for calls made to user-designated telephone numbers.

The new service, called Shabericchi, provides a 40% discount on telephone charges, regardless of the time or day the call is placed, made to two user-designated telephone numbers outside of the user's prefecture. The monthly fee for the service is 200. The service will benefit users who make frequent calls to a specific number, for example, to a close family member living far away.

Shabericchi can be used with both analog and digital (INS-Net 64) phone lines. It cannot be combined, however, with other discount services, such as TELE-CHOICE.

NTT Communications today notified the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of its plan to launch the services.


Comparison of Charges for a 3-Minute Call

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