July 6, 1999

Japan Satellite Systems Inc.
NTT Communications Corporation

NTT Communications Corporation to Invest
in Japan Satellite Systems Inc.

Japan Satellite Systems Inc. (JSAT) operating 5 satellites (including onestand-by satellite ) for domestic/international communications services and DTH (Direct to the Home), and NTT Communications Corporations (NTTCommunications) operating 2 satellites* for domestic communicationsservices, agreed today on the following points:

1) NTT Communications' investment in JSAT
2) Transfer of NTT Communications' ownership in its satellites to JSAT
3) Development and promotion of domestic and international satellitecommunications business by utilizing both companies satellites

Both companies will proceed to the discussions on the details of the alliance, seeking for the new business horizon and dynamic synergy effects in combining the satellites.

Global satellite business has been undergoing dramatic change, as seen withthe recent introduction of the global low/middle earth orbit (LEO/MEO)satellite systems and satellite-based Internet services. Responding to thegrowing demands for the Internet and multinational corporations (B needs,
world (Bs major satellite operators are constructing global networks andentering into business tie-ups.

The two companies already have been collaborating in satellite business,such as the establishment of NTT Satellite Communications Inc. in April1998. The company provides high-speed satellite Internet/Intranet services.

*Jointly owned by NTT Communications, NTT Mobile Communications Network, NTT East and NTT West.

Outline of Two companies
Company Japan Satellite Systems Inc. NTT Communications Corporation
Headquarters 1-26-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku,
1-1-6 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku,
President Takuya Yoshida Masanobu Suzuki
Capital 27.5 billion yen 72 billion yen
Satellites JCSAT-1B (150 degrees east longitude)
JCSAT-2 (154 degrees east
JCSAT-3 (128 degrees east
JCSAT-4A (124 degrees east longitude)

JCSAT-R (backup)
N-STAR a (132 degrees east longitude)
N-STAR b (136 degrees east longitude)

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