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February 22, 2008

NTT Com to Test Secure Remote Assistance System for IPv6

TOKYO, JAPAN – NTT Communications (NTT Com) announced today it will begin testing its Secure Remote Assistance System, which combines m2m-x1 and Windows Vista™ remote-assistance technologies to enable IPv6 devices to be configured simply and applications to run securely when enterprises provide remote support to their end users. NTT Com hopes to eventually combine the Secure Remote Assistance System with its OCN IPv62 service on a commercial basis.

The Secure Remote Assistance System provides authentication and encryption based on m2m-x and Windows Vista™’s remote assistance technologies (see Attachments 1 & 2). The system has a dedicated application that enables easy, secure connection to support centers. Compared to conventional remote-support systems, NTT Com’s new system offers high security because only trusted users are allowed remote access via authentication.

The system will be tested at the Business System Support Center of Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. from February 22 to March 3, 2008 (see Attachment 3). It will be incorporated into an operational training program at the center, aiming to confirm that companies with limited IT resources can use the system to provide end users with effective remote support on a secure basis.

NTT Com will report the results of the test to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, and will consider commercial application of the system as part of its OCN IPv6 service.

The system was developed under a research project that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is conducting to ensure secure ubiquitous connectivity in IPv6 environments. The increasing availability of both ubiquitous connectivity and IPv6 addresses will enable PCs and a broad variety of other devices to connect ubiquitously to the Internet. This will require, however, new methods to configure devices and prevent viruses and information leaks, both of which are beyond the abilities of the typical Internet user. NTT Com’s Secure Remote Assistance System will solve these problems on the network side, thereby alleviating users of the burden.

Note 1. NTT Com developed m2m-x (m2m = “machine to machine”) as a new end-to-end communication-management technology based on the IPSec and IP telephony control protocol SIP. As a platform technology, it enables real-time bidirectional communication with networked PCs and other terminals, including household appliances and control devices, in a safe, simple, and low-cost manner. Specifications for m2m-x are being standardized by a body comprised of manufacturers and Internet service providers. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), a large, open international community of network designers, operators, vendors and researchers, is also developing a proposal for m2m-x standards.

Note 2: OCN IPv6, NTT Com’s commercial IPv6 Internet access service, uses tunneling technology to encapsulate IPv6 packets inside IPv4 packets for easy deployment of an IPv6 environment within an existing IPv4 environment.

*Windows Vista is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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