February 20, 2007

Team to Build Info Systems along Highways in Western Japan

West Nippon Express Service Holdings Company, NTT Communications, NTT Urban Development Co. and NTT FACILITIES agreed today to jointly develop information systems for next generation roadside services and parking areas managed by West Nippon Express, placing a special emphasis on comfort and environmental friendliness.

NTT Com will develop and install broadband network systems in 180 locations, each one offering a wireless broadband local-area network Internet access. NTT Com will also help create a new information service including, large-screen displays providing motorists with information about sightseeing and other local interests. Payments for services will be possible via West Nippon Express’ “Quadra pass” e-electric money system. Each location will also have a room equipped for audio-visual entertainment and NTT Com’s unique Internet-based Fragrance Communications service, which releases pleasing aromas.

Urban Development and NTT FACILITIES will help to develop low-impact facilities by leveraging their respective expertise in information-communications and the environment. The facilities will employ solar-power panels, small wind generators and rainwater recycling systems. In addition, recycled woods and reprocessed materials will be utilized.

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