July 13, 2006

Mobile Connect Global Roaming Service to Start

The Mobile Connect Global Roaming Service, which will enable mobile “PC”  to seamlessly access company networks using U.S. iPass’s 28,000 access points in over 160 countries, will start on July 14, 2006.

Features include:
1. Global Internet Access Network
 iPass has about 28,000 dial-up access points in 160 countries, and 50,000 public wireless LAN access points in 68 countries (as of June 2006), all of which can be accessed using special software (integrated dialer). Both narrow band access via analog and ISDN, and broadband access over public wireless LAN are available.

2. Savings of up to 50%
Because the service will be provided through NTT Com, customers will not need special equipment such as servers to access the Internet from iPass access points, which can save them up to 50%. NTT Com makes sure its servers are redundant and highly secure.

3. No ISP Required
Clients do not need an ISP account to connect to the Internet. NTT Com will bill customers for iPass and Mobile Connect usage together. Users can access the Internet and office intranet remotely with the same Mobile Connect ID.
The initial cost is 650,000 yen, and the monthly fee starts from 220,000 yen, not including the iPass usage fee.

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