May 15, 2006

New functions added to teleconferencing service

NTT Com on May 16, 2006 added three new free-of-charge features to its Clear Conference teleconferencing service.

  1. An emergency contacting system enables conference organizers to assemble members at a moment’s notice. The organizer can register up to three telephone numbers per person in advance. If one phone number is busy, the system will automatically dial another of the registered numbers. The function applies to both individual and group calls.
  2. An upgraded security feature, by which access to a conference is granted only to persons who have been registered beforehand, and denied to all others even if they enter the correct password.
  3. The organizer can put participants in waiting mode to prevent them from listening to the discussions among speakers and conference staff, which is convenient for financial announcements and IR seminars, for example. If participants join the conference before it starts, they will hear recorded information about the conference and background music.
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