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OCN Services for Business

List of OCN Services
for Business

Best effort service

Customers considering subscribing to OCN

Supporting the FLET’s service offered by NTT Communications in Western Japan, this broadband internet connection service can be used for a wide range of purposes, including small office/home office environments and cloud services. Fixed IP addresses are also supported.

Bandwidth guaranteed service

Super OCN

Connecting directly to NTT Communications’ IP backbone, this internet connection service for business is of the highest standard in the industry. Besides offering top quality, it delivers optimal network environments to customers, thanks to NTT Communications’ high reliability and technical prowess.

Business OCN Burst Ether Access

Securing at least a certain level of bandwidth even when the network is experiencing high levels of traffic, this high-quality internet connection service can be used at a lower cost than Super OCN. It offers an economical high-speed, high-quality internet environment for building WANs and all sorts of other applications.


OCN Mobile ONE for Business

In addition to NTT DoCoMo’s 3G and LTE networks, this Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service also supports LTE-Advanced. Users can use notebook computers and tablets to connect to the internet easily, even when they are away from the office.

Supporting fixed IP addresses, and suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) applications, this service is also appropriate for use with server cloud services that only permit access from certain addresses.

Options: VPN

OCN Business Pack VPN

This internet VPN service can be introduced easily as an option with our OCN line services for business. It provides a comprehensive package that covers everything from VPN equipment setup and installation, to maintenance and monitoring support once the service is up and running.

Options: Security

Virus-Buster Business Security (monthly payment version)

This security service enables corporate information assets to be protected from online threats without expending time and effort, even in the case of small companies that do not have their own specialized security teams. The functionality provided includes anti-virus and anti-spyware tools, URL filtering, intrusion prevention and more.

OCN Business Security Set

This security service provides an internet line, rental firewall, and virus-buster business security as a package. Also, because a rental firewall used, line maintenance and unified firewall device maintenance can be provided on an inquiry-response basis.

OCN Security Gateway

Providing UTM devices equipped with a variety of security functions on a rental basis, this managed security service package offers line maintenance and unified UTM device maintenance, along with inquiry-response security support delivered by a team of specialists. Security functionality is provided in the form of a comprehensive package tailored to users’ needs.

OCN Anti-DDoS Service

This packet-filtering service detects and mitigates Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which can cause serious damage. It is provided as an option with Super OCN.

OCN IWSaaS (InterScan Web Security as a Service)

This is a cloud service delivering secure Web access. By providing Web access through a server, this service prevents users from accessing fraudulent websites and downloading fraudulent software.

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