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Cloud Management Platform(CMP)


Service Overview

ICT environment in corporations change in daily basis by the following reasons such as emerging complexity in system environment for business globalization, acceleration of business invlolving M&A, and variety of ICT needs followed by generating businesses.Cloud Management Platform(CMP) will help you in such business environment suitably.

Service introduction merits

CMP supports ICT strategy planning by assembly visualizing cloud services in a single view, promptly follows business environment by providing agile oriented services, and suggests ICT environment by supplying your customized view.

Features and Benefits

Service Overview
Use cases

Service Overview in CMP

Cloud Management Platform(CMP) provides efficiency for control management and integrated single view intaking both Enterprise Cloud soluctions of NTT Communications and external cloud service providers/solutions. This service features in realizing resource management, visualization, solution view, and IT governance in your ICT infrastructures.

Main functions in CMP

Resource management

Offer views for usage statuses and cost controls based on departments/purposes by intaking resource information in various clouds, solutions and setting up control information such as divisions or utilization.


Support total optimization in your ICT environment by visualizing cost information in various clouds/solutions and usage status of servers, networks, and computing resources through widgets.

Solution view

Easily implement management view showing health information per systems and operations by grouping plural services(IaaS/SaaS).

IT governance

Help to integrate procurement processes in ICT environment by providing service catalogs and procedual application workflows. CMP can generate templates for deploys based on security levels.


Introduction of functions in CMP

Values of CMP

Provides following values, Governance, Agility/Speed, and Open Ecosystem.



Support total optimization management by visualizing ICT environment.



Support flexibility of ICT and acceleration of business by according to Software Defined services and supplying realtime information.

Open Ecosystem

Open Ecosystem

Contribute to optimize your environment by providing views which forms views, connectors, and control views.

User cases



Complexity in system environement caused by business globalization

Our answer

Support ICT strategy planning based on visualization and tendency analysis




Acceleration of business involving M&A

Our answer

Promptly following M&A business environment


Open Ecosystem
Open Ecosystem


Variety of ICT environment needs followed by generating businesses

Our answer

Optimization of ICT environment


ICT management use cases with Managed services and CMP

CMP contribute to maximize cost-effectiveness on IT investment by totally visuzlizing corporate software defined infrastructures in next generation and easing loads of system controls. CMP also supports agile ICT management followed by our managed services which monitor outage statuses on your infrastructure and resolve security incidents.


CMP provides single view with not only cloud services in NTT group but also external cloud service providers, which includes hybrid cloud, private cloud, on-premise, and bare-metal, SaaS serivices in third-party software providers and solutions.

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