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Special Feature
Contributions to Society

Helping more people around the world connect seamlessly with ICT in their daily lives

ICT has been advancing, especially for the Internet of Things (IoT).
We are taking on the challenge of moving society forward to one where people around the world can effortlessly benefit from ICT through reliable services.

A Society with Abundant ICT Keyword: IoT

A society where all electronic devices are connected, a world moving at a faster pace


Leveraging the power of ICT in Japan and then the world
We are taking innovative steps to realize a more convenient and secure society.

Our Approach

New ICT is being created every day, and the paradigm of economic activity is constantly evolving. In our daily business activities across the NTT Communications Group, we focus on helping solve social issues by providing society and our customers with cutting-edge technologies while creating highly dependable, high-quality communications infrastructure.

Moreover, we are constantly reassessing our contributions to society through ICT. By taking a multi-faceted approach in our core initiatives, we aim to help create a better future while prospering in unison with various communities throughout society.

Core Initiatives

[1] Develop ubiquitous network infrastructure

[2] Ensure highly stable and reliable missioncritical infrastructure

[3] Engage in social contribution activities


Expansion of New IoT Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technology


In August 2015, NTT Communications established the IOT Tascforce to accelerate the development of services that use IoT.

We will steadily enhance our lineup to provide more customers with IoT Platform Services that facilitate the use of various IoT for visualizing production processes at manufacturers, monitoring the state of devices, and managing vehicle fleets. For example, Vehicle Manager is a service that improves the management of marketing vehicle fleets. Automotive devices with communications functions connect to the cloud to relay daily reports on driving activity and patterns for analysis, which can be viewed and managed on the web to ensure safe driving practices and eco-friendly driving patterns.

Moreover, we are turning our own office buildings into digital hubs with IoT platforms, allowing the automation of equipment inspection work without having to patrol the premises. By taking steps to change our own practices, we have accumulated technology and knowledge that will help solve social problems.


Commencement of Arcstar Network Services in India


In India, expectations have risen for high-quality network services.

In order to cover the vast country, NTT Communications India Pvt Ltd. obtained a National Long Distance (NLD) telecommunications license in India in the belief that it is essential to provide one-stop management across multiple carriers. The company developed the Arcstar domestic network service and began providing the service in December 2015.

In India, government agencies place a diverse array of requirements on telecommunications companies, creating hurdles for telecommunications providers to clear for providing comprehensive solutions that include networks, data centers and security monitoring. By bringing together the expertise of NTT Communications and the global management resources of Group companies, NTT Communications India Pvt Ltd. has been able to provide total ICT solutions. Through these services, we are able to provide high-quality network services to our corporate clients that conduct business in India.


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