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Special Feature
Respect for Human Resources

A business where everyone is respected and employees can be themselves

The diversification of the workforce has accelerated due to diverse issues, such as declining birthrates and aging populations in advanced countries, and explosive population growth in emerging countries.
We strive to operate businesses where diversity is respected and utilized with respect to gender, nationality and physical traits.

Japan, a country where women can fulfill their ambitions

emale workforce participation rate is still lower than other advanced countries
Create a foundation that promotes women in the workplace via publicprivate initiatives


Diverse employees work together as one team
We place emphasis on respect for one another and helping each other in the workplace.

Our Approach

Employees carry out the responsibilities of companies and are the stakeholder who is closest to the daily operations of companies. At the NTT Communications Group, we seek to foster a mutually beneficial, sustainable relationship with our employees, and have created measures to nurture talented employees with a keen awareness of globalization.

Over the past few years, attention worldwide has focused on diversity in management as more emphasis is placed on supporting the health of employees and converting diversity into a competitive advantage. As more women join the workforce and new workstyles are adopted, NTT Communications is trying out various new measures including the exchange of personnel around the world.

Core Initiatives

[1] Training personnel

[2] Creating workplaces where diversity thrives

[3] Supporting and promoting the health of employees


Highest "Eruboshi" certification obtained based on the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace


In May 2016, NTT Communications received the highest certification among the certifications bestowed by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare based on the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (the Women's Participation Promotion Act). Of the companies that have created and submitted action plans based on the Women’s Participation Promotion Act, this certification recognizes companies that have put in place the best measures for promoting the advancement of women in the workplace. Certified companies are allowed to use the "Eruboshi" certification mark.

NTT Communications has taken steps that will allow its diverse employees to adopt different workstyles and lifestyles with the aim of creating a corporate culture that empowers its employees. These steps include updating various support systems, such as for child rearing and nursing care, as well as reforms to workplaces with the use of ICT for working remotely. As a result of these initiatives, NTT Communications received the certification with high marks in all categories, including the ratio of female employees, the ratio of women returning to work after leave, and the ratio of women in management positions.


New Diversity Management Selection 100 award received from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


In March 2016, NTT Communications was selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to receive the New Diversity Management Selection 100 award. The Diversity Management Selection 100 award is given by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to companies that have improved corporate value through diversity management. The New Diversity Management Selection 100 award was created in fiscal 2015.

Ever since we established the Diversity Promotion Office in 2008, NTT Communications has endeavored to foster a corporate culture that allows employees with diverse backgrounds to work to their best ability, regardless of gender, age, birthplace, nationality, religion or disability. Moreover, in recent years, we have moved aggressively to introduce a companywide workflow management system, standardize service operations across the globe, promote an employee dispatch program to overseas affiliates, and hire people of foreign nationality amid the globalization of our operations.

These multi-faceted initiatives around the world also contributed to our receiving of this award.


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