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Special Feature
Continuous Strengthening of Corporate Governance

Our mission is to always be trusted

The responsibilities that NTT Communications are expected to fulfill have been broadening and deepening amid the move toward borderless economies and spread of ICT in society.
As a corporate group responsible for ICT infrastructure, NTT Communications will continue to strengthen its business foundation based on trust while strictly complying with laws and regulations.

Improving Security, an Unending Obligation of ICT Companies

Building out a precise protection and countermeasure system for constantly evolving security threats


Fulfilling our responsibilities as a global ICT company
We will build an efficient, fair and robust management foundation.

Our Approach

As we continue to provide ICT services embedded in social infrastructure throughout the world, our management foundation must be able to operate as an efficient and nimble business organization with an open corporate culture and risk management systems able to seamlessly address rare events, such as accidents and natural disasters. At the NTT Communications Group, we take a thorough approach to ensuring compliance and efficient governance in order to continue contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

In recent years, cybercrime has become a serious social problem, and we have been working diligently to prevent and thwart cybercrime.

Core Initiatives

[1] Efficiency in governance

[2] Thorough compliance

[3] Ensure information security


Creating a framework for countering threats, centered on NTT Com-SIRT, our information security organization


In recent years, there has been an increase in information security threats such as cyberattacks that have taken servers offline and intruders stealing data. Every day, previously unknown threats are discovered, and the damage from these threats has become more severe. An increasing number of companies have set up CSIRTs*, a team dedicated to responding to security incidents in emergency situations.

At NTT Communications, our customers trust us with their information and network operations. In October 2015, NTT Communications established the Information Security Division as a new organization for managing information security, and launched its CSIRT team "NTT Com-SIRT". This team is charged with responding to and dealing with security incidents related to systems and networks across the entire NTT Communications Group, and aims to reinforce security management by advancing measures (including sweeping measures) to prevent a reoccurrence.

* Computer Security Incident Response Team


Participation in public-private initiative for testing and training comprehensive defense models against cyberattacks


To address the increase in cyberattacks, NTT Communications has participated in the actual testing and training of comprehensive defense models against cyberattacks with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications since fiscal 2013. This endeavor analyzes attacks and verifies the effectiveness of defense models with the aim of creating systems able to respond to new cyberattacks. The public-private project provides practical training on defenses against cyberattacks.

NTT Communications is in charge of evaluating the effectiveness of defense models, from detecting and countering cyberattacks (prevention and response measures) to forming an incident response. The knowledge gained from these experiments is reflected in actual CYDER* exercises.

The objective of these exercises is to improve security incident responsiveness, namely the early detection and identification of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. At the same time, we support close-knit collaboration between the public and private sectors to reinforce the defensive posture of information infrastructure underlying society.

* Cyber Defense Exercise with Recurrence

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