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CSR Report 2011

CSR Index 2011

Based on our basic CSR policy, we established indices for the actions we are taking to contribute to society, protect the environment, show our respect to employees, and implement corporate governance. We perform self-assessment on the results of these indices, then revise and improve upon them for the following year.

Establishment of New Indices

We have established new CSR indices that reflect our newly formulated CSR Priority Activities.
Based on indices for each of these four CSR Priority Activities, we will continue to steadily conduct various CSR activities.

Priority Activities Measures Target
Contributing to Society
Develop ubiquitous network infrastructure Provide Arcstar Universal One Arcstar Universal One is a next-generation network service designed to ensure continuous and secure connectivity with cloud computing environments. We will work to enhance the user friendliness of this service by successively adding various functions that address customer needs, in order to solve the ICT issues faced by corporations.
Provide Reliable and Secure Hosting Services We will provide platform services centered on BizHosting in order to realize a ubiquitous environment in which devices of all kinds can be reliably, securely and easily connected from any location. We will strive to further upgrade and extend our range of services, in an effort to boost user friendliness.
Provide Biz Mail cloud computing email service to corporate customers This service is a cloud computing e-mail service featuring highly reliable service operations and security levels. It enables companies to reliably and conveniently conduct operations anywhere, anytime. As such, we will work to further upgrade and extend this service.
Provide highly stable and reliable data centers IWe will work to maintain and enhance quality by applying Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®)*1-compliant standards to various subsidiaries in Japan and overseas. Also, we will constantly strive to enhance data center quality while maintaining and upgrading data centers, with the aim of achieving disaster-resilient data center operations.
Provide Mobile Connect Safety Confirmation and Notification Service This service is an effective means of ensuring business continuity in the event of an emergency such as a natural disaster or influenza outbreak. Aiming to provide services that customers can securely access in the event of such an emergency, we will work to adapt the service to various situations in which it may be utilized, while further upgrading and increasing related functions.
Provide reliable and secure OCN services We will constantly strive to upgrade and expand services so that all customers, irrespective of age group, can reliably access an Internet environment.
Ensure highly stable and reliable mission-critical infrastructure Develop disaster-resilient networks We seek to build a disaster-resilient society by providing high-quality ICT services through multiple transmission routes, the distributed location of important communication centers and other initiatives in preparation for emergencies.
Measures to address major natural disasters and similar events We will upgrade disaster drills assuming hypothetical scenarios including a major natural disaster extending to the Tokyo metropolitan area and rolling blackouts. We will refine and entrench crisis management processes in close cooperation with central and local governments.
Implement network surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year We will provide surveillance of services for customers (networks, Internet, cloud computing, hosting, and voice services, etc.) at all times, while promoting seamless global responses.
Ensure the reliability and security of corporate information systems Corporations are being increasingly called upon to monitor and control the sound and effective operation of information systems. In this context, we will actively work to ensure the reliability and safety of the corporate information systems we are contracted to service, with 24-hour, 365 days-a -year operations, as we address a variety of changes in society.
Social contribution activities Participate in community beautification programs and other social contribution activities We aim to achieve this target by implementing various clean-up programs and other activities, and tying them into NTT Group initiatives.
3,000 participants
Promote the Ecocap Movement of collecting and selling used plastic bottle caps to fund vaccines We will work to collect plastic bottle caps as part of a concerted initiative throughout the NTT Group.
Collect 1,750,000 plastic bottle caps
Protecting the Environment
Global Warming Prevention Reduce CO2 emissions Consider and implement new measures to reduce power consumption, such as setting PCs to power conservation mode, expanding the automated control of air conditioning systems in telecommunications buildings, and monitoring power sensors.
CO2 emissions*2: 315,000 tons-CO2 or less
Environmental ef?ciency index for CO2 emissions: 4.00 (Million yen in sales per tons of CO2 emitted)
Reduction of waste Reduce office waste Recycling rate: 76% or more
Environmental ef?ciency index for waste processing: 1,274 (Million yen in sales per tons of final disposal volume)
Reduce paper resources Reduce paper consumption Implement ICT-driven paper reduction initiatives; strictly enforce double-sided printing and reduced-size printing.
Paper consumed per employee (A4 equivalent): 9,300 sheets
Environmental ef?ciency index for paper usage: 333 (Million yen in sales per tons of paper used)
Preservation of biodiversity Protection of species facing the risk of extinction and related priorities We will promote business activities giving consideration to biodiversity based on environmental assessments.
Respecting Our Employees
Respect diversity and take steps to promote equal opportunity and other objectives Promote diverse working styles by extending work-related reforms across the Company We will promote a diverse range of working styles, such as telecommuting, by implementing initiatives designed to take a new look at how people work according to business sector, with the aim of promoting more highly productive working styles.
Enhancing support for balancing child raising/nursing care responsibilities and careers Besides implementing conventional work-life balance measures, we will expand the scope of these measures to male and younger employees, as well as other personnel, while extending these measures horizontally across the Group, to ensure that all employees can work energetically with a good work-life balance.
Improve the Statutory Disabled Employee Ratio Going beyond maintaining the statutory disabled employee ratio at NTT Communications, we will implement various activities designed to improve the Group-wide statutory disabled employee ratio.
Expand personnel exchanges on a global scale We will energize personnel exchanges on a global scale by stepping up various initiatives, such as a program to dispatch primarily younger and mid-career employees as overseas trainees, and the secondment of employees of overseas subsidiaries to Japan.
Send 50 employees from Japan to overseas and 30 employees from overseas to Japan.
Retain employees who reach retirement age As a measure to foster a corporate culture in which a diverse array of human resources can succeed, we will upgrade our system for retaining employees who reach the retirement age at NTT Communications (non-consolidated) and on a Group-wide basis.
Corporate Governance
Ensure information security Continuously raise awareness by implementing training programs We will reduce incidents by working to enhance awareness through information security training programs and measuring understanding, as well as by offering information security training specific to job role.
Completion rate for various training programs: 100%
Strengthen management of processes and systems We will strengthen management of processes for safely handling customer information, bolster vulnerability analyses of information systems and expand such analysis Group-wide.
Implement information security surveys We will expand information security surveys to include the entire Group.
Obtain, maintain and manage ISMS certification We will obtain and maintain ISMS certification by ensuring proper operations and management.

*1 Systematic guidelines regarding the operation and management of computer systems formulated by the U.K. government. The guidelines are compiled into several volumes of books. ITIL® is a registered trademark of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) of the U.K. government.
*2 0.33 kg-CO2 per kWh is used for the CO2 emissions coefficient.

Previous Indices

Contributing to Society

NTT Communications Group NTT Communications Group NTT Communications NTT Communications

Measures and actions Fiscal 2010 results Self-assessment Fiscal 2009 results
Faithfully Serving Our Customers
NTT Communications Group Communication service coverage We provided comprehensive support services to customers concerning the development of ICT environments and related operations by enabling services to be provided around the world.
Provided in 159 countries/areas
- Provided in 159 countries/areas
NTT Communications 24-hour-a-day network service Besides guaranteeing high quality through Service Level Agreements (SLAs), we assisted customers with a full-scale support system, including operations in 3 major global centers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Service uptime: 99.999%
- Service uptime: 99.999%
Contributing to Local Communities
NTT Communications Group CSR activities for employee participation As a corporate citizen, we provided employees with opportunities to raise their awareness of contributing to society while encouraging them to participate in such activities in their local communities and regions.
10 times (717 attendees)
- 8 times (549 attendees)

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Protecting the Environment

NTT Communications Group NTT Communications Group NTT Communications NTT Communications

Measures and actions Fiscal 2010 results Self-assessment Fiscal 2009 results
Environment Management
NTT Communications Group Environmental efficiency index for CO2 emissions*3 3.94 (million yen in sales per tons of CO2 emitted) - 3.27*4 (million yen in sales per tons of CO2 emitted)
NTT Communications Group Environmental efficiency index for waste processing 1,115 (million yen in sales per tons of final disposal volume) - 277*4 (million yen in sales per tons of final disposal volume)
NTT Communications Group Environmental efficiency index for paper usage 331 (million yen in sales per tons of paper used) - 343*4 (million yen in sales per tons of paper used)
Global Warming Prevention
NTT Communications Group Greenhouse gas emissions*3 319,000 tons (Telecommunications: 298,000 tons; Offices: 21,000 tons) Achieved 330,000 tons (Telecommunications: 306,000 tons; Offices: 24,000 tons)
Reduction of Waste
NTT Communications Group Promoting recycling of office waste Recycling rate: 72.4% Achieved Recycling rate: 64.6%
NTT Communications Reducing paper consumption in offices Paper consumed per employee (A4 equivalent): 9,314 sheets Achieved Paper consumed per employee (A4 equivalent): 10,515 sheets

*3 0.378 kg-CO2 per kWh is used for the CO2 emissions coefficient.
*4 For NTT Communications on a non-consolidated basis.

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Respecting Our Employees

NTT Communications Group NTT Communications Group NTT Communications NTT Communications

Measures and actions Fiscal 2010 results Self-assessment Fiscal 2009 results
Respect Diversity
NTT Communications Promoting the hiring of people with disabilities We have continued to meet the statutory percentage of employees with disabilities of 1.8% by providing favorable working conditions for people with disabilities.
Percentage of employees: 1.93%*5
Achieved Percentage of employees: 2.02%
Maintaining and Improving Employee Health
NTT Communications Mental health keeper Almost all managers have obtained qualification. The qualification is designed to improve managers? ability to respond to mental health risks by completing a systematic training program on mental health care management.
Qualification by 1,420 employees
Achieved Qualification by 1,040 employees
Respecting Human Rights
NTT Communications Group Classes on human rights Seeing human rights initiatives as an important activity for corporations, we promoted awareness to ensure that all employees respect individuality and human rights.
19,500 attendees
Achieved 18,530 attendees

*5 Calculated based on conditions after the exclusion rate was amended (amended in July 2010).


NTT Communications Group NTT Communications Group NTT Communications NTT Communications

Measures and actions Fiscal 2010 results Self-assessment Fiscal 2009 results
NTT Communications Group Classes on compliance at all workplaces Every year, classes on compliance are offered to not only employees, but also partner employees. The goals are to develop favorable worksite conditions and to foster an appreciation of the importance of corporate ethics by developing an understanding of business risks, and to reflect these business risk considerations into daily conduct.
Classes were also offered at 11 Group companies in fiscal 2010.
21,506 attendees (590 times)
Achieved 21,209 attendees (705 times)
NTT Communications Group Questionnaire on corporate ethics Implement questionnaires designed to step up corporate ethics activities by gauging the current status of such matters as the extent of penetration of corporate ethics initiatives within the Company and at Group companies, as well as related awareness among employees and other personnel and the openness of the corporate culture.
Questionnaires were implemented at 11 Group companies in fiscal 2010.
Collection rate: 98.4%
Achieved Collection rate: 95.6%
Risk Management
NTT Communications Group Business risk management study group (Safety training for personnel taking overseas business trips) Training sessions led by experts are held for personnel taking overseas business trips. These sessions cover information that overseas travelers should be aware of and specific ways of avoiding becoming a victim of crime overseas. Through this program, we are enhancing risk management with respect to personnel taking overseas business trips.
270 attendees (7 times)
- 53 attendees
(1 time)