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CSR Report 2011

Our Approach to CSR

The NTT Communications Group established its Basic CSR Policy in June 2006. All efforts pursued by employees in line with this policy as part of day-to-day business constitute CSR activity.

Basic CSR Policy

Our CSR activities aim to contribute to community prosperity and sustainability worldwide by creating new value and resolving problems through the information and communications services we provide as a Global ICT Partner.

Basic CSR Policy

As a Member of the NTT Group

NTT Communications established its Basic CSR Policy in keeping with the NTT Group CSR Charter. The entire NTT Group will take on initiatives to resolve issues facing society.

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The NTT Group CSR Charter

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Our Business Principles

We define "stakeholders" as all the entities that have relations of any kind with the NTT Communications Group. The term includes not only our customers, business partners and shareholders, but also competitors that our business activities influence, society as a whole and individual employees. Understanding the perspective and earning the trust of our stakeholders are essential to enabling the Group to continue to profit and grow. We shall always be aware of our ties with various stakeholders as we bridge their present and future potential.

For Customers

From a customer-first perspective, we will provide solutions and services that offer true value.
We will act responsibly and with pride as a member of the NTT Communications Group in responding quickly, flexibly, and with integrity to our customers.
We will establish enduring relationships of trust with our customers.

For Business Partners

We will maximize our cooperation with partners in order to offer the best possible value for our customers.

For Society

By providing more secure and innovative Internet services, we will contribute to the sound growth of the Internet society.
As part of our strong connection with society, we will contribute to global environmental protection.
We will understand and respect the cultures and customs of different nations.

For Competitors

We will abide by rules and compete fairly.

For Employees and the Workplace

We will recognize individuality and diversity, and mutually protect human rights.
We will trust and respect each other and create an environment that is conducive to personal development and fulfillment of our goals.
As an ICT company, we will make a maximum effort to protect security.

For Shareholders

We will disclose information concerning our business performance in a fair, accurate, and timely manner.
We will achieve sustainable growth as a company and seek higher benefits for our shareholders.

Stakeholder Relationship Chart

Examples of Communication with Stakeholders

Communication with Customers We gather feedback from customer satisfaction surveys and take steps to improve satisfaction levels.
· Voice of Customer (VOC) Survey, NTT Communications Forum
Communication with Business Partners We work with our business partners to improve communications quality, thereby improving customer satisfaction with respect to quality.
· Arcstar Carrier Forum (ACF), Customer Council, Partner Summit

We published a policy on procurement in accordance with our Guidelines for Green Procurement to ensure fair procurement activities.
· Communication with suppliers
Communication with Society We work to raise awareness of issues and develop a clear understanding of situations by communicating with NPOs and external experts.
· Dialog with stakeholders, various social contribution activities
Communication with Employees To help maintain and improve motivation among employees, we use an appropriate human resources system, provide a forum for communication with management, and make sure to reflect employees? feedback.
· Dialog with president, KAIZEN Direct Line.