Arcstar UCaaS

Arcstar UCaaS is a Unified Communications as a Service embedded in NTT Communications' rigid network.
And since it's cloud-based, there's no need to choose a place or time - use various functions seamlessly from any device.
Try unified communications solutions from NTT Communications and make the evolution in communications & collaboration work for your business.




About UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)

Unified communications provides companies with the optimal communications environment by integrating communications technologies previously used separately, including the telephone, e-mail, chat, instant messaging, teleconferencing, and online/videoconferencing. NTT Com's unified communications service is cloud-based Arcstar UCaaS.

  • after One device for all communications, Any device for any situation
  • before Separate communication tools create challenges for users
Arcstar UCaaS after image
  •  after One device for all communications, Any device for any situation
  • before Separate communication tools create challenges for users
Arcstar UCaaS before image

IM & Presence

A function that allows one-on-one chats or chats among multiple people. Using Instant Messenger (IM), messages can also be left for people not present or currently on the phone. In addition, the presence function allows for checking people's status and communicating in the way most convenient for them.

Audio Conference

A conference call function that allows multiple people to talk at the same time, whether they are company employees or external members such as suppliers and customers.

Web Conference

Participate one-on-one or in large groups, using devices like PCs, web cameras, and headsets to share documents and applications remotely through a browser.

Video Conference

Use video and voice to hold discussions among multiple remote users.For those that require high definition video.


Take part in asynchronous communication via e-mail or share, view, and make appointments on one's own or others' schedules with the calendar function.


Reach someone directly by chatting, instant messaging, sending a short message, etc.


Use SIP or other such IP telephony technologies to make voice calls via the data network.

File share

Share files and images over the network.

UCaaS solutions also offer multiple beneficial features - agility, flexibility, and scalability, with lower cost of ownership.

  • Flexible deployment, speedy operation

    Flexible deployment, speedy operation

    Waste no time with setup-select only the functions and IDs needed and get started right away. Use the portal to quickly and easily make changes any time.

  • No initial investment or operating costs needed - including server or licensing fees. Pay only for what you use.

    Pay-per-use basis and lower cost of ownership

    Pay as you go - decreased CAPEX and maintenance/operation costs covered by the monthly fee.
    Setup consists solely of selecting functions and IDs to be used.
    Optimize your costs with a lower cost of ownership.

  • The best possible communication anytime, anywhere.

    The best possible communication-anytime, anywhere.

    Our network runs throughout the world. Use the best devices and functions for the situation to work efficiently, on wired or wireless environment.


Source : Frost & Sullivan

Unique features distinguish NTT Com from other UCaaS providers

NTT Communications (NTT Com) was named one of the "champions" in the Frost Industry Quotient (IQ) - Asia Pacific Unified Communications-as-a-Service Providers for 2014. Frost and Sullivan mentions NTT Com's strength in IQ; "Its vast suite of services developed from multiple platforms provides international enterprises with greater flexibility and scalability, making them easier to deploy across multiple regions. Moreover, the company's global network infrastructure which spans across Japan, UK, and US ensures high-quality service delivery."



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