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Cloud-Based Communication Services Support Work Style Innovation


Provides a one-stop service with high quality networks. Reduces total business impact from system implementation to maintenance.

Arcstar Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based collaboration service that integrates various communication functions, including IP phones, messaging (voice mail and instant messaging), presence and telephone, video and web conferencing. Coordinating these facilities enables fast, efficient, communication, anytime, anywhere, no matter what communications tools the person you're trying to reach is using.

In a unified communication environment, the same collaboration tools are used in every office. This contributes to both increased company-wide business efficiency and to greater productivity. Arcstar UCaaS offers infrastructures that facilitate workplace innovation, along with high quality networks on a global scale.

Provides a One-Stop Service with High Quality Networks. Reduces Total Business Impact from System Implementation to Maintenance

Select Functions

IP Telephony (Basic and Enhanced)

Provides telephony features such as inbound and outbound calls, auto forwarding, redial, MoH, speed dial, click to call, multiple lines and call back.

Voice and Web Conferencing

Facilitate meetings between dispersed and distant locations with a shared desktop view, applications and a whiteboard for a collaborative work environment.

Presence and Instant Messaging (IM)

Show user presence and availability for a real-time chat.

Mobile Client for Smartphones

Support smartphones as endpoint communication devices for wireless local area networks and mobile carrier networks.

How the Service Works

With Arcstar UCaaS, the same unified communication tools can be used in every office. The service changes the way you work, allowing easy and real-time communications between business associates in remote locations over NTT Communications’ secure, high-quality global networks. You can use a variety of communication tools to facilitate effective collaboration, increasing efficiency and productivity.

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