Arcstar SIP Trunking

Break-out / Break-in Service, Reducing Cost of Overseas Communications


Placing international calls from Global IP-VPN Sites to PSTN.

Incoming calls to DID Number from PSTN to Global IP-VPN Sites.

Arcstar SIP Trunking has two types.

GW Type Arcstar SIP Trunking with voice gateway to the existing PBX
UCaaS Type Arcstar SIP Trunking bundles with Arcstar UCaaS

Reliable Call Quality Between Overseas Offices, at a Low Price.


1. Low Rate

Arcstar SIP Trunking can provide the service at a low price compared with local carrier's PSTN.

2. Clear Quality Voice

Arcstar SIP Trunking can realize high-quality service with the biggest global scale global IP network.

3. High-security

SBC* can realize high-security specialized for VoIP.

*SBC (Session Border Controller )is a device used in select VoIP networks.

Key Business Benefits

1. Reduce International Call Cost:

While your local carrier usage charge costs $8,500 per month, the Arcstar SIP Trunking usage charge costs only $2,600 per month.

It is possible to have a 70% reduction* off your international call charges when using the Arcstar SIP Trunking.

*This cost simulation is derived from the following assumptions.

2. Enhance global communication

Enhance global communication by using higher quality voice services at a lower cost.

How the Service Works

With the advance of globalization, the main issue that must be addressed is to minimize the cost of international calling. If you implement the SIP Trunking Plan, you can call any overseas clients or partners without worrying about the quality and costs.

The SIP Trunking Plan will enhance your global communication.

You might find yourself installing the voice and data networks separately in each global office.

Paying too much money on maintenance and wasting too much time on operations are serious problems. If you implement the Arcstar SIP Trunking, you can reduce total cost of ownership and save time of operating separate networks by combining voice and data communications over Arcstar Universal One (secure MPLS-Based VPN).

You need to reduce growing voice call expenses at your global organization.

While the "Arcstar UCaaS" will reduce internal call costs among global offices, the "Arcstar SIP Trunking" will do so for external call costs to partners and / or clients worldwide.The Arcstar UCaaS offers a unified workspace together with high quality networks on a global scale, and will enhance global collaboration.


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